6 Unique Themes For Photography Exhibition That You Can Try

To a photographer, doing an exhibition is one way to share their experiences, joys, and arts. If you aim to be a photographer, then doing an exhibition is one way to make everyone aware of your existence. You do not need to be afraid even if you’re just amateur. There is a trick so that your exhibition can attract attention. It is the theme. Choose a unique theme for your exhibition. In case you’re still wondering, here are unique themes for photography exhibition that you can choose.

1. Social Issues

When you want to open an exhibition, you can use social issues as your theme. Although sounds mainstream, there are a lot of things you can explore social issues. Some issues like homelessness, alcoholism, or abuse will likely attract attention from people. In the first place, social issues are a unique theme. Besides, you can also increase awareness about social issues around people. 

2. Self-Portraits

Another unique theme for photography exhibition is self-portraits. You may find it a little uncomfortable to use self-portraits as a theme. But rest assured, this theme can help you open up and explore many parts that usually we don’t find. To make it more lively, use your creativity and mix it with your surroundings and emotion.

3. Local Inspiration

Choosing a theme for a photography exhibition is an easy little bit difficult. One of the unique themes that you can use is a local inspiration. Be it town, culture, city or place. You can use it all so that your work range can widely expand. Also, with local inspiration as a theme, you can disclose diverse artistic interpretation.

4. Black And White

Black and white as a theme of photography exhibition is sound common yet still intriguing. For this theme, you should take a picture in black and white. Or you can take photos like usually, you do but then convert it into black and white in post-processing. Do not forget to focus on the tone of the image. It has to be done so that the viewers can get the message you want to convey.

5. Letters or Numbers

One of the unique themes for photography exhibition is letter or number. This world is full of letters and numbers. Wherever you go, you will always find letters and numbers. That’s why this theme even though it seems easy, it still interesting. For doing an exhibition with this theme, you should find the letters or numbers in the building, sign or another place. But, if you want to feel challenged, feel free to take photos of objects which begin with these letters. 

6. Emotions

You may be frowning when heard this theme for your exhibition. But use emotions for photography exhibition theme maybe not bad. Human has so many facial emotion. Joy, sadness, anger, emptiness, you can capture all of that emotion and put in an exhibition.

Choosing the unique themes for photography exhibition is an important matter. If you use the right choice your exhibition can attract many viewers. And so your purpose to make a name of yourself can be fulfilled.