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top asian fashion brands

Top Asian Fashion Brands For Women

Fashion is an important thing for most women. Starting from the pants, shoes, clothes, accessories, and others. There are many famous brands that women use, from Europe up to Asia. However, each continent would have a different measure. Asian women tend to be smaller and shorter than other continents women. That is why Asian women would usually top Asian fashion brands.

top asian fashion brands

The top Asian fashion brands are no less good with international brands. Starting from the quality, the options, and the price. The most common outfit that women buy is daily outfits. However, women would also be able to mix and match the outfit for special event occasions. Here are some brands from Asian that is worth for woman to buy and have in their wardrobe.

1. Rokh from Korean

The first Asian brand that women should have is from Korea, Rokh. Most of the outfits are a combination of feminism and masculine. Women could use the clothes whether for work or for hanging out. Even though Rokh produces clothing but they also have some shoes, bags, and accessories as well. Moreover, this brand has also often joined many fashion weeks in Korean, Asian and even all over the world. The design has no doubt.

2. Up from Indonesia

The second top Asian fashion brand is from Indonesia, Up. This brand is the creation of a fashion blogger, Diana Rikasari. The brand is unique and its own style because it’s full of prints and colors. The brand has not only fashion items like clothes, shoes, and bags. But it also has home goods items and stationery. However, the most famous and best products are footwear. The design is totally different from other brands. But it is comfortable and suitable for casual and formal events.

3. Aanya from Hongkong

The next brand is from Hongkong. However, it is also a collaboration with an Indian local artist. The branding Aanya is a printed summer clothing. The clothes are suitable for Asia’s summer tropical weather.  Moreover, Aanya is also ethically and sustainably as well. There are many kinds of clothes from Aanya and women should definitely have them inside their closet.

4. Esse from Singapore

Singapore has been one of the countries that are forward for designs, including fashion design. Esse is a brand from Singapore that women must-have. It is because the clothing style is clean and it is easy to wear silhouette brand. Women could mix and match the outfit easily. Moreover, the fabrics are sustainable.

5. Mimpi Kita from Malaysia

The next top Asian fashion brand that women should have is Mimpi Kita, from Malaysia. The clothing is elegant but still chic and simple. Women could use the outfits whether for daily use or for special events like weddings and work. Like usual clothing, the colors are the most natural ones. However, there are also colorful items available as well.

Being stylish and comfortable is important for every woman. To equip the look, choose some of the top Asian fashion brands that are stylish, beautiful, and chic. Moreover, the brands above are easy to get and most of the price is achievable.