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places with zero cases of covid

Places with Zero Cases of COVID That Reported Has No Coronavirus

Since December 2019, the world was amazed by the issue of COVID-19. It became a global pandemic a few weeks later. Many countries were infected by this virus. So, no wonder if the death rate keeps rising day by day. But, surprisingly, there are several countries which have no report about this matter. If you are curious about it, then find out places with zero cases of COVID in this article.

For those who haven’t known well about this pandemic, we want to let you know how dangerous it is. Someone will get a respiratory illness from droplets that you never know where it comes and how it moves. Even though some research has released the symptoms and the way to live safely, this pandemic is still a mystery to solve. However, these places with zero cases of COVID seem lucky to avoid this matter:

1. North Korea

You might not believe that this famous country has no victim of COVID. It is on your hand whether you want to believe or not, but the country claims they have no COVID cases. Knowing that this country is very close, some people start to make assumptions. Whether it is true that they are safe from coronavirus, or the cases are hidden properly.

2. Turkmenistan

Just like North Korea, the government of Turkmenistan insists that they have no cases of COVID. Sadly, some people predict that this happens not because of a great health service. Contrarily, it is due to a lack of facility and infrastructure. So, the government doesn’t act very well to face this pandemic, such as not running testing for the people.

3. Lesotho

This place could be considered a great one because this country has good experience in facing a pandemic like this. This country learns a lot from its neighbor, South Africa, which runs a strict lockdown. So, there is no wonder if the spread of coronavirus is not as massive as the other countries.

4. Kiribati

Probably many countries underestimate the Kiribati Republic. But, guess what, this country is one of the places with zero cases of COVID. Their secret is very amazing. Since their land is great for coconut trees, they use it to boost the immune. Because they get enough vitamins A and C which prevent any viruses, including coronavirus.

5. Yemen

There are no COVID cases from Yemen until now (May 2020). However, just like Turkmenistan, people are in doubt that Yemen really has no report. Because both of them are having the same condition.

Actually, there are still many places with zero cases of COVID. They are small countries which have a low rate of visitors. Thus, it becomes one of the factors that makes them safe. Indeed, incoming people can spread the virus. Even though in the first place the transmission of the virus is from animals, but a human is its carrier. So, whenever the carrier goes, then the virus will follow. That is why some countries keep locking down their area until now. That decision is to get a better future.