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how to prevent coronavirus infection

How To Prevent Coronavirus Infection And Stay Safe

The world is being horrified by the outbreak of the coronavirus, which can infect hundreds of thousands of people. In fact, now almost all countries in the world have one case that has been infected with this virus. Therefore, everyone should know how to prevent coronavirus infection.

This virus infection can be prevented if you take a variety of ways. However, make sure you do it right this way so that you really avoid this terrible virus. The following are 5 ways on how to prevent coronavirus infection that you should do:

1. Wash Your Hands Correctly

Washing your hands properly is the simplest but effective way on how to prevent Coronavirus infection. Wash your hands with running water and soap, for at least 20 seconds. Make sure you wash all parts of the hand thoroughly, including the back of the hand, wrist, between the fingers, and nails.

After that, dry your hands using a tissue or clean towel. If you have high mobility and it’s difficult to find water and soap, you can clean your hands with a hand sanitizer. Use hand sanitizer products with an alcohol content of at least 60% to be more effective at disinfecting germs.

2. Do not Touch The Face

Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets so you are advised not to touch your face using dirty hands. This is because by touching your face with dirty hands, you have the opportunity to get this malignant virus.

If you feel itching around your face, you can wash your hands, and touch your face using disposable tissues. After that, you can wash your hands again to keep your hands clean.

3. Wear A Mask If You Are Sick

There are two types of masks that you can use to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus, namely surgical masks and N95 masks. Surgical masks or surgical masks are disposable masks that are commonly used. This mask is easy to find, affordable, and comfortable to wear.

The use of masks is the best for people who are sick to prevent the spread of viruses and germs, rather than in healthy people. While the N95 mask is a type of mask designed specifically to filter out harmful particles in the air.

This type of mask is actually more recommended to prevent Coronavirus infection. However, this mask is not comfortable to wear every day and the price is relatively expensive.

4. Maintain Endurance

How to prevent coronavirus infection is by maintaining endurance. It is because a strong immune system can prevent various diseases. To maintain and increase endurance, it is better for you to eat healthy foods.

Such as vegetables and fruits, and protein foods, such as eggs, fish, and lean meat. In addition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, not smoking, and not consuming alcoholic beverages can also increase endurance.

5. Do Not Go To An Infected Country

Not only China, but Coronavirus infection has now also been endemic in several other countries. To avoid contracting this virus, you cannot go to travel to places that already have Coronavirus infection cases.

So, you try to stay at home and do social distancing to break the chain of the spread of the virus. If there is no urgent matter, avoid going to the infected site or to a crowd to avoid transmission of coronavirus infection.

That’s how to prevent coronavirus infection that you can do correctly. Make sure you always take care of your health by eating nutritious food, getting enough sleep, and exercising diligently. In addition, avoid crowds and also if possible, you can work from home to reduce the rate of cases of this virus.