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Hollywood Stars with Sexy Smiles That Won’t Make Your Eyes Move

Sometimes people watch a movie is not only for enjoying the story. Many of them just want to see their favourite actor or actress. It could be because of anything, one of the reasons is the smile. We know that Hollywood has tons of stars with a beautiful smile. If you are curious who the Hollywood stars with sexy smiles, then find the names in this article.

These actors and actresses really take care of their teeth too. So, when they are smiling, the teeth appear perfectly. Whether they use help from a dentist or not, you just can’t handle the look. See these Hollywood stars with sexy smiles on their movies. We are pretty sure you won’t move your focus!

1. Julia Roberts

Every media agrees that Julia Roberts has a stunning star smile ever. The lips and glistening teeth are the perfect combinations of her face. One magazine, InStyle magazine, ever asked about her secret to having that sexy smile. Then, she shared her secret that she always brushes her teeth with baking soda. Indeed, when you see her smile it is like glowing porcelain.

2. Tom Cruise

There is Tom Cruise who shows a sexy smile as a man. Tom Cruise doesn’t deny that he has special treatment from a dentist. In 2002, he had braces put on and surprisingly he wasn’t shy to show on the red carpet. However, we all now enjoy the result from it. His smile shines brightly whenever you see he is acting.

3. Anne Hathaway

You cannot move your eyes whenever you see Anne is smiling. Her radiant smile is like Julia Roberts: lighting, big, and sincere. This actress of Les Miserables always lights the red carpet with her smile. She already takes care of her teeth for a long time. Even though she gets a role that has to hide her smile, you still can find it brights behind the character.

4. Zac Efron

Do you miss a sexy smile as a teen look? Then you must see Zac’s movies. Enjoy his brightening smile there. Since he played the High School Musical movie series, the public knows that he has an adorable smile. Now he is growing up with the muscles and new hair cut. Yes, there is no hesitation that many girls adore him more than from his smile.

5. Miley Cyrus

No matter how the media told about her, you cannot lie that Miley has a sexy smile. Her teeth are perfect model and look very great when she smiles. She might have several treatments since she was Hannah Montana, but it is just fine seeing how she brights on the red carpet now.

6. George Clooney

No need to look for another guy when you see Clooney is smiling. He is a picture of a gentleman when smiling. His smile gives the faithful feeling. So, whoever seeing his smile will get warm and cozy inside.

Actually Hollywood still has hundreds of stars with a beautiful smile. But seeing the list above about Hollywood stars with sexy smiles, they are enough as the sample of the famous people. Be confidence and bright are all we see whenever that smile appears.