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bonds girl from time to time

Most Iconic Bond’s Girl From Time To Time

bonds girl from time to time

Bond franchise movies have been entertaining for more than 50 years. Beautiful women always surrounding James Bond as the main character. Therefore, up to 55 different actresses as the Bond’s girl from time to time. As a result, it feels weird when we see Bond movies without beautiful actresses.

They just pick a lovely and such a beautiful woman to be Bond’s girl. Almost all of Bond’s girl character is pretty. Just read it if you want to know the most beautiful and iconic Bond’s Girl from time to time.

1. Andrea Anders

Maud Adams is the actress behind Andrea Anders’s character. Maud Adams is a Swedish actress, playing the Andrea Anders role with a perfect action. The director chooses her because she is a smart girl that has a mystique aura with her charm. Above all, Her beauty is can not be denied by everyone who has seen her.

2. Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore character is a real character from James Bond’s novel. In the right hand, Honor Blackman is the actress of Pussi Galore Character. The Pussy Galore character appears in Goldfinger which released in 1964. Above all, the character will remind us of the old memories.

3. Vida

Vida is played by a beautiful actress, Aliza Gur. In the same vein, Aliza Gur is an Israel actress. She plays Vida in the James Bond film: from Russia with Love. Above all, her sexy body has stolen James Bond lover’s heart.

4. Tracy Bond

Tracy Bond is a Bond’s girl character in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. First of all, Dianna Rigg has played her role perfectly as Tracy Bond. She has a brown color eye with brunette-long hair. In contrast, she is the only a Bond’s girl that has been settled down and married with 007 as the main character. Even more, Tracy Bond has a brave personality that makes her the right one to choose.

5. Bonita

One of the most beauty Bond’s Girl from time to time is Bonita. Radja Regin is the Serbian actress that has been chosen to play this character. Bonita is a Bond’s girl character that appears in Goldfinger. Not only beautiful and sexy but Nadja Regin also have a great talent in playing a role.

6. Jill Masterson

Jill Masterson is the most fashionable character in her time. Shirley Eaton was playing as Jill Masterson in Goldfinger. Besides, Shirley Eaton is such a beautiful girl with great talent. She can build a strong character on Jill Masterson. Above all, her beauty makes her one of the iconic and beautiful Bond’s Girls from time to time.

7. Vesper Lynd

Eva Green is the actress behind this character. She succeeds make Vesper Lynd as a sensational character with a good reputation. Also, she had a beautiful face with black hair and sharp eyes. In contrast, this character is having the most tragic death in the series. She decided to commits suicide after apologizing to James because she is a traitor.

There is the top 7 most iconic and beautiful Bond’s Girl from time to time. In short, Bond always has a beautiful and smart girl behind it back. So, which one is your favorite a Bond’s girl character?