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5 Best Game for Recording Software in 2019

Gamer segmentation today is much different from 10 years ago. Now, many game streamers and content creators are gaining popularity and wealth. This might make you aspire to be like them. If you want to be a gaming content creator, you can choose the best game for recording software.

There is much software that can record when you are gaming. You can choose one of the software according to your preferences and your PC’s specifications. Let’s take a look at what best game for recording software:

1.     Wondershare Filmora Scrn

This software is a video editor software that you can easily use. You can find many effects on this software, for example, transitions, filters, elements, and other effects. Furthermore, you can also download other effects on online streaming.

Not only editing, but this software also has a Record Screen PC feature. So, after you record a video, you can directly edit videos through this software. Therefore, you no longer need to install screen recording software or additional video editing software.

2.     Open Broadcaster Software

This is the most common software used by content creators & live streamers to record the games they play. This software has complete and varied features. However, the operation of this program has a difficult UI so it takes time for you to use it.

You can download and install this software on your PC and you can open the software. Select auto-configuration, so you can choose to prioritize this software for recording. Select Optimize just for recording. However, before you start recording, you can adjust the basic settings to your liking.

3.     Dxtory

This software can record the desktop screen even though the size of this software is small. This software is suitable for recording games or if your computer specifications are low. So, this software will not interfere with your computer’s performance.

This software has very complete features that will benefit you. Moreover, this software can record data from a surface memory buffer, so it doesn’t need big RAM performance. The recording quality is good, without a compress. Most importantly, the software is very responsive, doesn’t make the game lag.

4.     Action

This software is a popular software for recording your desktop screen. It can also be connected to a webcam so you can display your expression. This software is also connected to popular social media like Facebook and Youtube.

So, if you want to be a YouTuber gaming, this is one of the recommended software. The appearance of this software is very up to date, perfect for you as a young YouTuber. In addition, this software also has a variety of video recording quality.

5.     Bandicam

This is a screen recording software that is capable of recording at high resolutions reaching 4K Ultra HD. In addition, although the recording results are of high quality, the video size is relatively small. Unfortunately, this software can only be used for recording and cannot be used for live streaming.

You also have to pay a premium license to unlock all available features. In this software, the Screenshot feature is available to capture images, especially when gaming. the most important thing from this software is that you can adjust the recording quality with the capabilities and performance of your pc.

That is the software that you can use to record video while gaming. You can choose the best game for recording software that suits your preferences. Remember, you also have to adjust the capabilities of your PC or laptop with the software you choose.