Natural Disasters In 2019 That Happened Around The World

A natural disaster is an incident that no one can predict. Humans can’t control natural disasters, they can only prepare for it. Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere and cause many damages. There are several natural disasters in 2019 that happened and caused grieves. 

Although natural disasters can’t be controlled, experts can analyze the cause. By analyzing, people can at least learn the signs and ways to prevent it. In the past few years, there have been many big disasters happening. In the past few years, there have been many big disasters happening. Many of them caused broken infrastructures, flood, and loss of power. Here are some of the natural disasters in 2019 that caused big loss:

1. Hurricane Dorian

One of the biggest natural disasters in 2019 is Hurricane Dorian that happened in mostly the Northern Bahamas. The incident also struck Florida, US East Coast, and Canada. Experts analyzed that the cause of this disaster was because low-pressure of the system. This then became a level 5 storm.

The wind and heavy rainfall caused damages and floods everywhere. Many homes were damaged and torn off, destroying almost everything in the place. The most damaged place was in the Northern Bahamas were almost all the infrastructures were damaged. In this incident, 56 people died, and until now 600 people are missing. 

2.  Flood in Oklahoma

The rain usually happens in Oklahoma every year. However, this year the heavy rain fell in Oklahoma for over a week. The situation became worse. At the same time tornadoes attacking Oklahoma and the areas around. Homes, roads and highways were all drowned by water and mud. After the incident, many homes and people have reported the loss and unknown. At least 6 people died in the incident causing loss to many people. The citizens also had to evacuate to a safer place, until the flood faded away.  

3. Alabama Tornado

Some countries and states in the United States are “common” with the tornado. However, the Alabama tornado was one of the biggest happening this year. The tornado struck Alabama in March 2019 causing 23 death and many injured. Many schools and homes were damaged, having weeks to recover. 

4. Earthquake in Mexico and Ecuador

In 2019, many earthquakes occurred, two of them happened in Mexico and Ecuador. In Mexico, the earthquake attacked Southern Mexico in February 2019. The position of the incident was the same as the 2017 earthquake where the damage was much bigger. However, this year the strength was “only” 6.6 .

It didn’t cause any serious damages and loss to the citizens. There was no report either on death or loss of people. The same incident happened in eastern Ecuador. The shake of the earthquake was felt very clear in Peru and Colombia. But luckily no serious damage or injury occurred in Ecuador.

There have been many natural disasters in 2019, big and small ones. Despite the cause, people must be able to learn the signs and prepare. Like in some states of the US, people have underground homes to prepare when there is a tornado. Some countries even apply natural disaster studies in their curriculum. Therefore, when a disaster happens, people are ready to face it. Not all disasters can be prevented, but at least we know how to face it.

Fashion-Related Careers You Might Want To Consider

Fashion-Related Careers You Might Want To Consider, One Way To Keep Up To Date With Your Style

Commonly, having a fashion-related career is a wonderful and cool job. What makes it cool or wonderful? Cause, fashion is identic with beautiful things such as a beautiful model, beautiful costume, and many others. So, it makes a fashion-related career you might want to consider. Well, are you interested in having a fashion-related career? And what are them? in this chance, we will show you some fashion-related careers you might want to consider that will make you interested in it. Here are them.

Fashion-Related Careers You Might Want To Consider

1. Fashion Designer

When talking about the fashion-related careers you might want to consider, the first thing that appears in our mind is a fashion designer. The fashion designer is one of the great careers. Many people especially the young generation try to study hard because they want to be a fashion designer. A fashion designer can work in anyways. They can design and make a bag, shirt, accessories, and many others.

2. Garment Company

The second fashion-related careers you might want to consider is the Garment. To be a garment is not an easy job. You need to improve more and become more innovative. You will also lead to a big production that needs many efforts inside. But, to be a garment is not a bad idea. You can try to be a garment and reach your success.

3. Fashion Illustrators Job

The next fashion-related careers you might want to consider is the fashion illustrator. Almost the same with a fashion designer, a fashion illustrator will work together with a fashion designer by creating the concept, sketch, and illustration. The fashion illustrator is very meaningful for the fashion designer. The fashion illustrator can help the designer to design some product and make it more beautiful because two persons that designing something is better than one. Thus, besides the fashion designer, becoming a fashion illustrator is also a great career.

4. Fashion Stylist

Then, after fashion designer, garment, and fashion illustrator, the other fashion-related career is become a fashion stylist. To be a fashion stylist is also a famous job. Commonly, the duty of the fashion stylist is to determine and design a beautiful outfit or costume for photographer event or any media organization.

Sometimes, the fashion stylist might work with a public figure to design the fashion of the public figure. A fashion stylist must have a creative and innovative idea to design their clients and make them beautiful.

5. Textile Designer

The last fashion-related careers you might want to consider is the textile designer. A textile designer works with a computer and creates a 2d pattern design for textiles. You have to make a great fashion that will be used for the pattern of clothing, carpets, fabrics, and many things. If you like to design something with your computer and creating a pattern or picture, you may be a textile designer. It is also a great and cool job to be.

So, do you interested in becoming one of those careers? Everything you choose, you should choose a career that suitable for your hobby. Make your hobby as your job, so you will have a nice time while working. Don’t give up and keep spirit for everything you choose.

things to do in newport beach

5 Things To Do In Newport Beach To Put In Your Vacation List

Californians are lucky to have a Surf Town, Newport Beach. Its sandy and warm beaches are something you must not miss. Besides, the community in this Orange Country beach is a great thing. You will have an unforgettable vacation in Newport Beach. Let’s explore things to do in Newport Beach as below:

1. Visit Balboa Island

The first from the list of things to do in Newport Beach is visit Balboa Island is the most fascinating of all Newport Beach’s island. Once you drop your feet there, surely you don’t want to leave. A row of coastal houses is a ravishing sight. In addition, landing in Balboa Island is a passage to a beautiful sunset by the pier.

Something should not be missed in Balboa Island is a beer tour. Locals will gladly mingle with you in a dive bar. Brave yourself to enjoy a beer from a microbrewery and complete your day. Meanwhile, shops, boutiques, and restaurants await you. Also, the Ferris wheel is worth to try.

2. Surf at the Wedge

The Wedge is known for a surfing spot as well as boogie boarding. At The Wedge, the steep and the barrel waves are man-made. Although it is unique, it has its sensation and surely an adrenalin boost. One day, the wave might reach up to 30 feet which kind of big for amateur surfer.

But, if you are a professional surfer then The Wedge’s tremendous wave is all you need. Take note that this place is not for you to lie flat end sunbathing. Since parking is limited in this area, you can make your way to the beach by walking pass a mesmerizing beach house.

3. Refresh at Crystal Cove State Park

This is the perfect place to do anything relaxing. Your true vacation is settled in Cristal Cove State Park. Additionally, the view is one of a kind. Moreover, the sandy beach and the dazzling wave sealed with marvelous sunset are anything to behold.

Ultimately, magical feeling happens when you walk along the beach. Birds, warm wind and the smell of the sea blending with your feet set on the sand. You will see bluffs full of bright yellow flowers during springtime. And the staircase is the perfect passage down to the sand.

4. Come to Orange County Museum of Art

Located close to Fashion Island, Orange County Museum of Art is a cultural place. The museum’s collection is consisting of 3,500 objects. Most of them are objects of California and Pacific Rim’s art from the 20th century up to now. Meanwhile, OCMA also hosts an exhibition like installation art, traditional painting, sculpture garden, and photography.

5. Stroll at Newport Pier

Located in McFadden Place, in the heart of the Balboa Peninsula, Newport Pier is a long municipal pier. Fishing and walking on the pier are very popular. Here, you can do a Dory Fishing Fleet at the base of the pier. In 1939, a hurricane destroyed the pier, and in 1940 it was rebuilt at the same place.

Once you step into Newport Beach you just don’t want to leave. The scenery beaches and welcoming surrounding is something attractive. Besides the above list, there are still many things to do in Newport Beach. So, why don’t you go there and find out yourself?

Best Photography Editing Software

6 Best Photography Editing Software People Often Use

This time, there is the best photography editing software. That recommend for editing. Especially if you are looking for actual information about it. This is the right article. Because this provides detailed information. From the lightweight PC photo-editing application to large-scale photo editing applications.

Best Photography Editing Software

If want to learn how to edit photos properly and correctly. First, must have an application that supports. The example in this article. Take it easy. Okay, just go ahead and see the discussion below. Which is about some special photo editing applications on PC. Read slowly to better enable to get the information.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Has known since  1988. Its’ created by Thomas and John Knoll. It can also be used for other purposes. For example manipulating images, cutting. And even often becoming software used to create templates on websites.

Photoshop can also be a learning material if to often edit. Or, also want to be involved in the business world. Many tutorials are spread on the internet. Also, the tools are not too complicated. Photoshop tools can be learned easily. Applying it when want to make works. It can also be better than other applications. Photoshop gives the impression of a photo editor. However that is friendly to its users.

2. CorelDRAW

Many applications are useful in business terms. Because it can make a characteristic. Also a symbol in Corel draw. For example logos, banners. Also all kinds of other images. It’s also free and comfortable when using this CorelDraw application. It’s useful to design a sticker or banner logo.

CorelDraw will be a daily meal. It’s one of the best photography editing software. Especially to design a cartoon character. Also, make a photo into a cartoon. It can also be a design container for a website template. And then processing into Dreamweaver. The tools are also not much different from the other application.

3. Adobe Photoshop Elements

This photo editing application is a photo editing application on PC. It’s also including superior from Adobe. It’s should not miss if want to be a reliable photo designer. Users can also use this adobe elements application.

There are some features of adobe elements. For example, photo transform, crop, fast effect, coloring, stylish text, etc. Users can also use this application for business.

4. Corel Paintshop PRO

This photo editing application on a computer has many complete features. This very suitable for those who like to makeover photos. So the user doesn’t need to worry that the system inside is very sophisticated. With this software, the user will take into a photo editing program and graphic tools.

Some tools will help in editing photos. Besides correcting colors, cloning images, photo makeovers, etc. All packaged with sophisticated tools. So user can enjoy because the results becoming more realistic.


If many people ask, what is the best PC photo-editing application besides Photoshop and similar applications? The answer is this open-source. GIMPprogam is the best program recommended by professional class photographers. This program has paid tools and software. Its open-source application. also many photographers and designers in Indonesia like this.

GIMP functions a lot to edit photos, create logos, or process images. This application runs on all types of computers, namely Windows, Mac, and Linux.

6. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

The advantage of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is that it can import images of any type. By changing very strong resolutions. That makes the photos very amazing. The key to using this application is must have to be patient and thorough. This application does have to have a tenacity spirit. So, you can get the results that you expect.

The above is a discussion about the best photography editing software. Those are only recommended the best. That’s all of the articles. If there are a wrong word and writing, please forgive. Be wisely and criticize well, thank you.

bonds girl from time to time

Most Iconic Bond’s Girl From Time To Time

bonds girl from time to time

Bond franchise movies have been entertaining for more than 50 years. Beautiful women always surrounding James Bond as the main character. Therefore, up to 55 different actresses as the Bond’s girl from time to time. As a result, it feels weird when we see Bond movies without beautiful actresses.

They just pick a lovely and such a beautiful woman to be Bond’s girl. Almost all of Bond’s girl character is pretty. Just read it if you want to know the most beautiful and iconic Bond’s Girl from time to time.

1. Andrea Anders

Maud Adams is the actress behind Andrea Anders’s character. Maud Adams is a Swedish actress, playing the Andrea Anders role with a perfect action. The director chooses her because she is a smart girl that has a mystique aura with her charm. Above all, Her beauty is can not be denied by everyone who has seen her.

2. Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore character is a real character from James Bond’s novel. In the right hand, Honor Blackman is the actress of Pussi Galore Character. The Pussy Galore character appears in Goldfinger which released in 1964. Above all, the character will remind us of the old memories.

3. Vida

Vida is played by a beautiful actress, Aliza Gur. In the same vein, Aliza Gur is an Israel actress. She plays Vida in the James Bond film: from Russia with Love. Above all, her sexy body has stolen James Bond lover’s heart.

4. Tracy Bond

Tracy Bond is a Bond’s girl character in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. First of all, Dianna Rigg has played her role perfectly as Tracy Bond. She has a brown color eye with brunette-long hair. In contrast, she is the only a Bond’s girl that has been settled down and married with 007 as the main character. Even more, Tracy Bond has a brave personality that makes her the right one to choose.

5. Bonita

One of the most beauty Bond’s Girl from time to time is Bonita. Radja Regin is the Serbian actress that has been chosen to play this character. Bonita is a Bond’s girl character that appears in Goldfinger. Not only beautiful and sexy but Nadja Regin also have a great talent in playing a role.

6. Jill Masterson

Jill Masterson is the most fashionable character in her time. Shirley Eaton was playing as Jill Masterson in Goldfinger. Besides, Shirley Eaton is such a beautiful girl with great talent. She can build a strong character on Jill Masterson. Above all, her beauty makes her one of the iconic and beautiful Bond’s Girls from time to time.

7. Vesper Lynd

Eva Green is the actress behind this character. She succeeds make Vesper Lynd as a sensational character with a good reputation. Also, she had a beautiful face with black hair and sharp eyes. In contrast, this character is having the most tragic death in the series. She decided to commits suicide after apologizing to James because she is a traitor.

There is the top 7 most iconic and beautiful Bond’s Girl from time to time. In short, Bond always has a beautiful and smart girl behind it back. So, which one is your favorite a Bond’s girl character?

places to visit in mexico

Top 5 Most Popular Places to Visit in Mexico

places to visit in mexico

There are many interesting places to visit in Mexico. You can see many historic buildings about the Maya here. Moreover, You can also enjoy many beautiful beaches or forests in Mexico.

Various tourist attractions in Mexico are very interesting to visit. Mexico has a lively urban atmosphere. In addition, Mexico is also rich in natural attractions and tourist attractions that have high historical value. Here are the places you should visit if you are in Mexico:

1. Archeological Zone of Tulum

Many Mayan ruins in Mexico, one of them is Tulum. Tulum is also a coastal city on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This site is now attracting more and more tourists from all over the world.

Besides walking through the city, there are many other activities that you can do here. Like relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, exploring caves, to see ancient ruins from the Mayans.

2. Xcaret Park

This park is an amusement park, wildlife sanctuary, and archeological site. Moreover, this park has dozens of attractions and activities that can entertain you and the whole family. You can swim with dolphins and touch sharks in the Caribbean Sea.

In addition, you can also walk along a path in a tropical forest. The guide will guide you through the Mayan sacred trees. The guide will also take you to see endangered plants. You can also swim in an underground river with views of the stalactites.

3. El Castillo

In Chichen Itza, there are several historic buildings, one of which is a pyramid building. El Castillo pyramid is a unique civilization-building. The shape is different from the typical pyramids of Egypt. There is a flat field that is placed at the top of this pyramid.

Experts think that this flat area is the area of the Maya used to carry out their rituals. This pyramid not only becomes a religious center. But also functioned as the astronomical center of the Mayans at that time. In 2007, the pyramid was designated as one of the Seven Wonders of the New World.

4. Mayan Ruins of Coba

These Mayan ruins are one of the attractions in Cancun. Nothing beats the Maya ruins that surround the area. If you walk through the ruins, you can see a network of stone streets.

There are also monuments that were carved more than 1.200 years ago. You can also see the pyramid that was once a place to live every day. Moreover, you can even see traditional soccer fields here.

5. Xel-Ha Park

One of the places to visit in Mexico is Xel-Ha Park and this place is a natural water park. Actually, this place is a meeting place between saltwater and freshwater. Therefore, this place has a lot of tropical fish in it.

This is the perfect place for children and beginners to practice snorkeling. If you are lucky, you can also swim with dolphins here. You can also do hiking to follow the path along this park.

Those are places to visit in Mexico you will not miss. There are so many tourist attractions in Mexico that will amaze you. You will be satisfied visiting the place because you can learn history and enjoy its beauty.

richest countries in the world

5 Richest Countries In The World By GDP

richest countries in the world

The richest countries in the world come from the big amount of Gross Domestic Product per capita. So, it does not mean that a country that has a large area and population is a rich country. Usually, rich countries have a high quality of natural and human resources.

Many of you think that rich countries come from gas and oil. But, the facts are more than that. Rich countries also come from good investment and banking. There are also countries that prioritize exports as their main income. Let’s check about the richest countries in the world below:

1. Qatar

One of the richest countries in the world turns out to be from the Middle East. Qatar can be as rich as it is now because this country has the largest natural gas field. Therefore, this country is so famous as the largest of natural gas exporter in the world.

Under good government management, the cost of education, health, water, and electricity is free in Qatar. In addition, Qatar is also provides housing assistance subsidies. This country uses its income as investment capital in various countries.

2. Luxemburg

Although Luxemburg is a small country, this country is able to become the second richest country in the world. This country was originally an agrarian country. But the industrial period changed the country significantly.

This country also provides financial assistance. Moreover, this country is also famous because the bank is very strict in maintaining its profit data. In addition, this country has the largest salary in Europe.

3. Singapore

This country can become a rich country because of its international trade. In addition, Singapore is also famous as one of the world’s financial centers. This is because the business licensing process will take three hours. So, business people are certainly happy with this efficient system.

Low-level jobs in this country will be paid around 1.000 Singapore dollars per month. So, it is no surprise that last year Singapore topped the list of the best countries to live in. Moreover, this country is also one of the best countries to work abroad.

4. Brunei Darussalam

This country has oil and gas fields. Both are the main factors why this country’s income is very big. In addition, the government also supports the progress of the economic sector. The government makes regulations and policies to support a conducive field of entrepreneurship.

Moreover, this country only has a small population. Brunei balances its industrial technology and wealth to become the second most developed county in Southeast Asia after Australia.

5. Ireland

This country is the fifth richest country in the world. In fact, this country was not a rich country. The key to making this country become so successful is because of banking and industry.

When it used to export food, this country now exports computers, medical equipment, electrical machinery, and others. The country has budgeted a lot of education funds from state income. Therefore, no wonder that education in this country is free.

So, one of the five richest countries in the world, is there something that interests you? Or are you interested to have a career there? Try to find out so much information about the country if you are interested in living or working there.

how to get from bangkok to pattaya beach

How To Get From Bangkok To Pattaya Beach? Here Are The Routes You Can Take

how to get from bangkok to pattaya beach

Bangkok is one of the countries that have beautiful tourist destinations to see. In Bangkok, we can go anywhere we want. The most wonderful place that you must visit in Bangkok is Pattaya Beach. Pattaya beach is a beautiful and awesome beach to explore. There are a lot of we can do in Pattaya. There are so many wonderful objects in Pattaya than just a bar and beaches. All of them are underestimates. Then, the question is how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya Beach?

It was normal if we want to find the easiest routes from Bangkok to Pattaya to minimize the cost and also time. Here below is a list of several routes you can take on how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya Beach:

1. From Eastern Bus Terminal to Pattaya

If you are around the eastern bus terminal, you should go to Pattaya by bus. The bus will be available every 30 minutes from 5.20 am and ended at 11.20 pm. The cost is 117 baths for one person.

When you get your trip by bus, you must consider the price. Find the cheapest and comfortable. You need to check everything when you book a bus. Find the bus that has big luggage for saving your suitcase and bag because 2 hours is not as fast as we think. We need to keep comfortable.

2. From Northern and Southern Terminal

From the Northern and Southern Terminal, you can choose the bus as your transportation to Pattaya. The bus from the northern and southern terminal is available at 5.30 am. You may start your trip early and having much time in Pattaya. The bus also will save you cost more than a car or taxi. But if you want to get a car, it is still possible. you can rent a car online.

3. From Suvarnabhumi Airport

If you are in Suvarnabhumi Airport, you better rent a car or get a taxi or limousine to Pattaya. Suvarnabhumi Airport is 40 km from Pattaya. From Suvarna airport, you don’t need to visit Bangkok, but you can directly to Pattaya. You can find a driver by looking on the internet or just a driver at the airport.

4. From Bangkok International Airport

same with the Suvarnabhumi airport, when you arrived at Bangkok International Airport, you might go to Pattaya by taxi or minivan. It takes 1 hour and a half from Bangkok to Pattaya. You can search for taxi or limousine service at the airport. It is always available throughout the day. It is faster than getting a bus to the terminal. So, you will have a fun trip.

That is the explanation about the routes on how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya. You may choose the transportation and route that seems comfortable with yourself and condition. Whatever the transportation and the way you choose, you can still enjoy your valuable time in Pattaya beach with your beloved person. Hopefully, this article will inspire you and help you to get your valuable holiday to be more fun. thank you for reading this article.