Check 5 of Shocking Celeb News in The Past Year

The celebrity is synonymous with a luxurious life. But there is shocking news behind the luxury and fame of celebrities. The news can be in the form of news about life, romance, and work environment. Here is some news about shocking celeb news in the past year.

1 Jamie Foxx Reportedly Dating With Kate Beckinsale

The news of the breakup of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes was shocking news. Establish love for 6 years, they actually separated after just going public with their status.

Shortly after breaking up with Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx is now have rumored to have moved on. As per the rumors circulating, the talented actor from the United States is secretly in a special relationship with a beautiful actress Kate Beckinsale.

Just broke up from their partners, don’t be surprised if Kate and Jamie were supposedly dating. But apparently, this news was immediately denied by Kate through the latest posts in her Instagram account.

This is not the first time Jamie has a new boyfriend. Previously, the ROBIN HOOD star also had rumored to be close to a newcomer singer named Sela Vave.

Sela even reportedly became the third person in the destruction of the relationship between Jamie and Katie. But apparently, the news was immediately denied by Jamie.

2 Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Intimate Vacation

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are some of the Hollywood celebrity couples who are serious in a relationship. As per rumors, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will soon be holding their wedding in December. For her birthday party this time, Katy decided to enjoy an exotic vacation in Egypt.

Enjoying exciting holiday moments, Katy Perry finally uploaded a photo of her intimate relationship with her fiance. As a couple who rarely spit romance on social media, of course, this post managed to steal the attention of netizens.

3 Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Hugs, The Official Sign of Reconciliation

Taylor Swift recently released a new video clip titled You Need To Calm Down. there is one figure of the artist who most stole the attention in the direction of Drew Kirsch’s video. Believe it or not, mortal enemy Tay, Katy Perry also joined there.

It’s no secret that Katy and Tay have been at odds with each other for years. During that time, the two of them often threw sarcasm at each other, whether through their respective works or tweeting on Twitter.

In the video, You Need To Calm Down, Katy appears around the end of the video. He was reunited with Tay who was wrapped in a french fries costume. Both seemed to be ostracized by the people around. Feeling similar, they finally felt they were compatible and hugged each other.

4 Avicii is has news that Have Committed Suicide

Avicii’s departure on April 20, 2018, and then indeed surprised all parties. Not only family and fans, but a series of fellow musicians also showed their great condolences over the death of the Swedish DJ.

A newspaper says that Avicii died of suicide after the cause of death was not clearly statement. This is reinforced by the statement of his family as if giving a signal that the DJ struggled in his life and could not hold it any longer.

According to other sources, Avicii is said to have cut his wrist using broken bottles. Until finally found dead due to loss of blood. The news of his death was first confirmed by his management team. This news is one of the shocking celeb news in the past year.

This is shocking news in the past year for celebrities which had shocked his fans. Not infrequently the fans who regretted the news. But back again, they were just admirers who couldn’t do much with their idols.