how to get rid of milia

5 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Milia Easily

You might wonder what milia are actually. Well, milium is a tiny bump popping up around your nose or eyes. Plus, it’s likely milky spots which are a class of pimple. You don’t need to be panic because there are some ways of how to get rid of milia.

how to get rid of milia

Besides, you don’t even need to go to a clinic while you can to get rid of it by yourself. Here are some ways to get rid of your milia that you can do at home.

1. Making Sure That It’s Truly Milia

Before judging it is a milium, you have to ensure it first. Milia is sometimes confusing because it looks like whiteheads. On one hand, if you look closer, milia contain hard balls of keratin. Plus, you cannot extrude it easily. It’s because milia are the result of your skin’s natural oil.

This is how exactly you can determine whether it is milia or not. Moreover, milia will stay in a certain area of your faces like your cheeks, nose, and eyes. Heavy face cream leads to milia and that’s why you need to clean your skin every night.

2. Doing A Regular Exfoliation

One way to get rid of your milia is by exfoliation. You can do a regular exfoliation using alpha hydroxy acid. This acid will help you to clear your dead skin. Moreover, this also helps to tone down oil production on your face.

Firstly, you can start it by doing it slowly and softly in order not to irritate your skin. Using a low potency product is the best choice you’ve ever made. Even it might sound weird exfoliating around your eyes, but you have to.

3. Using Retinol

You might wonder about the usage of retinol itself. Retinol helps in preventing milia and also treating milia too. Moreover, it increases skin-cell that will bring cells to the surface. This prevents the formation of milia. Retinol is one way of how to get rid of milia.

However, it’s not recommended for a pregnant woman and breastfeeding. Also, you have to cannot use retinol on your upper eyelids because it will irritate.

4. Seeing A Dermatologist

Another way that you can use in this case is by seeing a dermatologist. It’s a big no to squeeze milia, especially at home. You need a professional to extract your milia. Therefore, you need to make an appointment for a professional extraction or dermatologist.

A professional usually use a needle to poke the top layer of the milia. Also, he/she usually creates a pathway only for the tough keratin to make it get out. Sometimes, a dermatologist chooses to use electrodessication to treat the milia.

5. Trying Home Remedies

If you think that your milia are not the hard one, then you can try home remedies. Here, you have to clean your face daily, at least twice a day. After that, you can rub your skin gently and dry it with clean water.

At home, you can also do exfoliation and use retinol. However, you have to use an exfoliating moisturizer product. Plus, retinol is only to make your skin look brighter.

The five ways of how to get rid of milia above will help you a lot. If you have big trouble with milia, then do the steps above just to get rid of it.