How to choose best toddler bike: 10 tips


Get the right size for your child the old adage he or she will grow into it doesn’t apply here. Your kid won’t enjoy riding their bike very much of their feet can’t reach the pedals, ideally, they should be able to get both feet on the floor.


You get what you pay for the best toddler bike by design will last longer we’ll have better resale value when your child eventually outgrows it. Alternatively, a well-built bike can be handed down to younger brothers and sisters several years down the line. Think of it like this one good quality bike is generally much cheaper than two or three bad ones.

Best toddler bike

Three – Let your kid decide

While the element of surprise seems like a good idea when it comes to buying presents there’s nothing worse than seeing your kid’s face drop when their brand-new bike is green and not blue. It’s best for everyone to bring your child along to the shop and let them decide what he or she want before forking out your cash. It could save you some Christmas Day tantrums.

Four – Get the right fit

Once you’ve picked the correct size for your child just like an adults bike the small adjustments to handlebars and saddle make all the difference the experience of riding a bike. The more comfortable your child is whilst riding the more use the bike will get.

Five – Safety first

Along with the bike, a helmet is an essential purchase with your child’s bike, particularly if it’s the first bike there could be a few tumbles in the early stages so make sure you get a lid that’s comfortable and with a high safety rating.

Six – Make sure it’s properly set up

The best way to do this is to buy your bike from a reputable local bike shop. Who will usually assemble the bike and run a standard safety check to ensure it’s ready for use if your bike does come out of a box, however, ensure all bolts are tightened correctly and ensure components like steering units gears and most importantly brakes are working as they should.

Seven – Tools

If your bike does come to you in a box make sure you have a decent set of tools with which to assemble. It while some manufacturers will provide you with some sort of multi-tool it’s always helpful to have a basic set of Allen keys and small wrenches to help put the bike together.

Eight – Suspension

Unless you’re pushing your child to become the next Greg Minnaar suspension is a very costly extra at this point in your little one cycling career. This becomes more of a consideration when they grow up and decide they want to take their cycling a bit more seriously.

Nine – Extras

Particularly on bikes for small children, it’s a good idea to get a bike with a chain guard to stop your kids from putting their hands in the drivetrain. Baskets and barrels are optional but they are fun.

Ten – consider buying secondhand with caution

Kids bikes aren’t cheap and of course, they grow quickly so buying secondhand is an option. However, we recommend being extra cautious to make sure that everything is in good working order. Preferably take someone knowledgeable on bikes to check things over before you buy paying special attention to brakes, tire wear wheel and bottom bracket bearings any noticeable cracks or knocks to the frame or Forks and that the wheels are in true.

So you’ve got the bike for your child how do you teach them how to ride it well that’s complete.

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