How To Wash Your Toddler’s Hair

Toddlers normally love their bathtime at the end of the day, but with regards to hair washing – that can be ANOTHER matter. So what I am going to do today, is take you through some tips and advice that will help with that process. And hopefully, make that little bit easier.

Start by giving your child a normal bath and wash, and then when you are finished you can then start to wash the child’s hair. One option is that you can get your child to lie back in the shallow water of the bath, or you can use a rinse cup. This can help when your child is sitting up.

You can ask your child to hold a dry face cloth, close to their forehead, this stops all of the drips, dripping down their face. Talk to your toddler throughout, explain what you’re doing and do it quite quickly as well.

Choose a mild baby shampoo such as mothercare’s all we know baby shampoo is perfect. It won’t sting if it gets in your baby’s eyes and is suitable from birth. Use a rinse cup, or the face cloth over your child’s eyes as you rinse away the shampoo. The shower head can be too noisy at first, so I suggest using this when the child gets a little bit older.

Then all you need to do is take your baby out of the bath and wrap them in a nice warm towel. And give them a big cuddle!

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