How to collect a travel bag for children? Roadtrip & Carry On Bag

Now, a few weeks ago, we let the kids pack their own carry-on bags, and that was really interesting. When they were able to pick for themselves, they definitely picked some interesting things that I wouldn’t necessarily pick for them. So now that it’s really time to go, I’m doing the packing. So I’ve picked out lots of fun items to keep them busy on the airplane, but to also keep them busy while we’re at our destination. We have several hours in the car as well, and, of course, there’s the flight back, so lots of activities to keep them busy the whole time, I’m hoping. Now for this trip, the girls are going to be sharing the pink suitcases and the boys are sharing the blue suitcases. An ice chest on top keeps all of our lunch supplies, because, we’re still making our fun lunches when we’re on the road.

All of these suitcases are going to be checked in when we get to the airport, so all of these carry-on items have to go in the kids’ backpack, and they’re in charge of carrying it themselves. And like I said, some of these items are for the flight there, some of them are gonna be used while we’re at our location, and some of them we will save for the flight back. All these items are actually a surprise for the kids. They haven’t seen them yet, so I think it’s gonna be really fun to surprise them with these items at the end. So stay tuned for that. First up, I want to share with you everything that I’ve picked out for McKenzie. She’s my oldest girl, and she’s eight years old. Now, for McKenzie, and all the kids, I really tried to get a good mix of educational items, fun activities, and, of course, there’s the tablet as well. And, McKenzie is going to be using her school backpack from last year for her travel bag, so she’s gonna keep all these things in there. First up, we have McKenzie’s tablet. Now, this is not a very expensive one, we found it on Amazon. It does have the kid bumper on there in case it gets dropped. And all the kids, except for Griffin, have their own tablet. They’re all the same. We’ve loaded a few movies on there, she can also use a few apps like Time4Learning, and PBS KIDS. And since Griffin doesn’t have his own tablet, we went ahead and got a splitter. Now the idea is that she can actually share this tablet with Griffin, and they can both watch a movie together using the splitter and their own headphones. For this trip, we’re trying out these new CozyPhones.

They look like a soft headband, but there’s actually headphones in there. So they can each listen to the movie and there’s a volume control, so they can’t turn it up too loud, which I really like. Next up, I got her the American Girl Dress Up sticker book. I know she’s gonna be super excited about this. This book comes with a lot of outfit stickers, accessory stickers, and it comes with pages where she can choose what the dolls are wearing, so that should keep her busy for a long time. This is definitely something I would have loved when I was a little girl. I also got her a new Dork Diary book. I think this is book number three. She has already read book number one and number two, and so she’s going to be really excited to get book number three. Let me know in the comments down below if you guys read Dork Diaries. McKenzie loves to read, so I totally expect that by the time we get home, she will have finished this entire thing. I also got McKenzie a Scratch and Sketchbook. Now, that’s really hard for me to say. I found this on Amazon and there were so many different ones to choose from, but this one’s really interesting because you can actually scratch away and doodle at the same time, and this book is all about mythical creatures. So on one side, you have the creature, some information about the creature, and then on this page you get to draw it yourself. So we have Medusa. We have information about a Pegasus.

This also includes a Griffin, which I think she’ll get a kick out of, a Centaur, a Basilisk, which that’s not what it looks like in Harry Potter at all. There’s a dragon, so that’s pretty cool. This next item I found at Target, in the Dollar Spot, and they had several different varieties, this one is How To Be a Chef, and it comes with 10 magnetic pieces, one magnetic doll, and an activity book. So this is definitely a reusable activity, something that can keep her busy for quite a while. This next item I know she’s going to be super excited about, this is a Water Magic book, and it comes with this little pen. You fill it with water and then you can use it to color in in these pages, and once the page dries, you can actually color it again and again. Now, this one is a donut themed one, and it actually smells sweet like a donut, so it’s scented. I think she’s going to love it. I found this on Amazon. Next up, I got her a 5 Surprise. There’s five different toys in there. You don’t know which ones you’re going to get. I know she’s going to be super excited to see these. I also got McKenzie a magic ink book. The kids love these, especially on road trips, and I love that they’re not messy.

So for her, I picked out the Moana one. This book has coloring pages, it also has games and mazes inside. It’s really fun. I also got her a few educational books as well, this first one is a kids’ road atlas. Now, we are flying, but once we get there, we’re going to be driving. So this is something that has a little bit of information about the different states, and fun games, and puzzles that she can do while we’re in the car. And then I also got her this one. This is Festivals and Celebrations, and this is all about different festivals around the world. She loves this kind of stuff. For McKenzie, I also got the Puffy Sticker Play Set by Melissa and Doug, and hers is the Dress-Up one. It has 76 reusable stickers, so it’s all about dressing up these girls, something I know she’s going to love to do, and these stickers are reusable, which I really like. Now onto the items for Lily, and just like McKenzie, she’s gonna to be using her backpack from last year. Now, just like the older kids, Lily does have her own little tablet, but for her, we have different apps on there and different movies, ones I know she’s going to love. She has Starfall on there and she also has ABCmouse. And then we also got her some new CozyPhones as well, and I’m not quite sure what this character’s name is, but I do know it’s from the show Paw Patrol. So if you know what this character’s name is, let me know in the comments down below.

For Lily, I got her a Vampirina book. Now, this one actually came with the cd, so she can listen to the story and look at the book at the same time, and we already took out the cd and we loaded it onto her tablet so she can actually listen to it and read the story at the same time. She loves Vampirina, and Lily’s birthday is right around Halloween, so it’s perfect for her. Now Lily is definitely our little artist, so I got her lots of coloring books. This first one is Trolls, and it came with this really cool multi-colored pencil to color these pages in with. And then this one is Sunny Days, which I don’t think we’ve ever watched, but does look really cute. It comes with crayons, and stickers, and lots of different pages to color. I also got her one of the puffy sticker playsets, but for her, I got the Chipmunk House. This is so cute. It comes with a little scene, the little chipmunk family, and everything that you need to decorate their little house, and these stickers are also reusable so she can play with this for a long time. I also picked up a Water Magic for her, now, this one is cupcake scented, and just like the other books, it’s something that she can reuse over and over. Next up, I got Lily this How To Be a Doctor magnetic doll. This is just like the one I got for McKenzie, but this one is a doctor, so, she can dress it up over and over.

It looks really fun, and this again, was from the Dollar Spot of Target. Now, for Lily, I got lots of these different scratcher books, she loves these. First up, I have the same one that I got the other kids. It’s a little advanced for her, but I got these on sale for only $5, so I thought she could try it too. And then I also got these ones from the Dollar Spot of Target. This one is alphabets, and this one is numbers. These are perfect for her because she’s still learning how to write her numbers and her letters. I also got her her own magic ink set, except, for her I picked out Peppa Pig. I love that these are mess free. And then, for Lily’s special surprise toy, I got her a Smooshy Mushy. So you open up this little ice cream cone and there’s a little character inside, and it’s scented, these are so fun. So for this trip, Jackson is not going to be using his school backpack from last year, but that’s because he’s loaning it to Griffin to use, because Griffin did not have his own backpack yet, so, for this year, he’s just using his Jurassic Park one. First up, we have Jackson’s tablet. It has a few different educational apps on there, and some different shows and movies. I know one of the shows he really likes right now is DuckTales, so I put some of those episodes on there for him, and he’s also getting a new set of CozyPhones as well. Now, you’ll notice that I tried to keep things even as much as I could, so some of the things that I got for the girls I also got for the boys, as long as it was age-appropriate. So for Jackson, I did get him some puffy stickers, but his are the farm theme.

So there’s a barn with all the animals, and the farmer, and you can reuse the stickers to make whatever placing he wants. I also got him his own Water Magic. You just fill up the pen and you can reuse the pages over and over, and his is scented like orange. This next item I got from the dollar section of Target, and it’s basically like a spirograph, and you can make gear art. This was actually $5, not just $1. I think this is going to keep him busy for a long time. I will go ahead and put some extra paper in there, and I’ll put an extra pencil just in case, but I like that this one has a metal case so you can put it away and hopefully the pieces won’t get lost. I also picked out several books for Jackson. This first one is a Wild Kratts book, he loves Wild Kratts. Jackson really loves learning about different animals, and I like that this book actually glows in the dark, so if it gets dark on the airplane some of these pages will glow, and I think he’ll really like that. I also got him this Seven Continents of the World pop-up book. The kids love learning about different cultures, and this book is perfect for that. I actually think this a book that all the kids will love. It comes with different continents and so many different flaps with information under there.

This looks super fun. This is a really good quality book. I found it at Barnes and Noble for only 8.98. I also got him a Dragons & Mythical Creatures scratch book just like I got for McKenzie, but I basically got him one as well because it was only $5, and these are usually $10 or more, so that’s a pretty good deal. I also got him a coloring book, this is the Incredibles themed one, and I like that it comes with the crayons, and I like that this one is all about family. That is so cute. I love the Incredibles movie, and I love the second one, and I know Jackson is going to love that this has stickers, and lots of different pages to color. Here is another one I know he is going to be excited about, because he loves the new DuckTales show. I used to watch DuckTales when I was a kid, and I loved it too. This is a DuckTales doodle book, so it’s actually, it’s basically a coloring book for older kids. There’s a story in there, he’s definitely gonna love it. And, of course, I also got him a magic ink just like the other kids, but his is superhero themed. And, last but not least, I also got Jackson a 5 Surprise. This one is geared more toward boys, so there’s dinosaurs and superheroes, robots and cars in there. So there’s five different toys and you don’t know which one you’re going to get until you open it up. Next up, I have all of the items for Griffin. Now, he was definitely more of a challenge to pack for, because he’s only two, so it’s not really safe for him to play with the little toys with the little pieces, but I do expect him to take a nap during our flight, so he doesn’t really need as many activities as the big kids.

Now, since Griffin is only two, he does not have his own tablet, but I think he can go ahead and share with McKenzie, but we did get him his own CozyPhones and his is cute little raccoon. First up, I have something I know he’s going to love, I actually showed this to him in the store and he gasped. He was like, (gasping), he was so excited to see it. This is a peek and flap book and this is all about construction. So this has very chunky pages, not something that’s gonna to fall apart or get ripped easily. There are some flaps, though, so hopefully he’ll be gentle with those. You just lift up the flaps, and you can see the pictures underneath. So I think he’s really going to enjoy this book. He’s really into construction toys these days. Next up, I got him these really cute animal farm finger puppets. Now, I really like these ones because they’re plastic, they’re not made of fabric.

I can totally wipe them down, I can disinfect them. He’s just now learning about animals and the sounds that they make, so I think he’s really gonna love these. Now, just like the other kids, I got Griffin his own Water Magic book as well. This may be a little bit tricky for him because he’s only two, but I think he can handle it. Next up, I have the Touch & Teach word book from Vtech. This is actually not new, this is one of his favorite items, so I definitely wanted to bring it. This can keep him busy for quite a while. It has words and letters, music, shapes, colors, lots of different words for him to touch and learn about. This is a book that we can definitely do together on the plane. And lastly, I went ahead and got him a magic ink book as well.

This, again, might be a little bit tricky for him because he’s not three yet, but since I got one for the older kids, I thought he’d want one too, and his is Despicable Me themed, so I think he’s really going to like that. He may not be able to do this book very well but I think he’s going to love that he has one just like the big kids. For this trip, I’m just packing a few snacks. We’re actually leaving very early in the morning, we’re gonna have breakfast on the way there, and then when we get to our destination it will be lunch time, so we don’t need a full meal or anything, but I wanted to make sure to bring packaged snacks.

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