How to teach left from right to Kids with Learning and Attention Issues

Many kids with learning and attention issues have trouble learning left from right. Confusion about this can make it hard to do things like solve math problems. “If I want to write the number 24, do I put the 4 on this side of the 2 or on the other side?” Left-right confusion can also make it hard to do things like follow your soccer coach’s directions. Fortunately, there are some easy ways you can remind your child which is left and which is right. The Left Hand Makes the ā€œLā€ Here’s a neat trick if your child has a good handle on which way the letter “L” goes. Have your child place his hands palm down on a piece of paper. With a marker, trace down his left index finger and across his left thumb to create a capital “L.” Explain that when he needs to figure out which

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