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what to do in palawan

Here Are What To Do In Palawan Island Of Philippine

Wondering about what to do in Palawan, some people may still confuse about it. Indeed, if we want to get a holiday, especially in the place, we need to consider the destination that we want to visit. Without wondering the destination of the holiday, your holiday in Palawan will feel empty and meaningful less.

Therefore, you should understand well about what activities you want to do including the destination while having a holiday in Palawan. If you need inspiration, we can help you by providing some options in the following paragraph.

1. Visit Honda Bay

If you are beach lovers, you must try to visit the Honda bay. This place is an island hop with a wonderful panorama that comes out from your imagination. If you ever have a dream about your beautiful holiday, this place will bring your dream into reality. It is about 45 minutes from the capital of Palawan.

You can easily reach this place by using a motorcycle or car. The beautiful water and sand of the beach will make you cry and never want to leave this place. Moreover, you can conduct some activities such as snorkel, picnic, and lunch with your family and beloved person.

2. Feel the Breeze at El-Nido Beach

Except for Honda bay, there are many places that have the same or more beautiful. One of them is El Nido. This place has existed among the tourist with its marine life and underwater panorama. If you are wondering what to do in Palawan, this place will be a recommended place to visit on holiday.

You can dive and see the rich of underwater animals in El Nido. The animals that you may meet in the underwater of El Nido are green turtles, Mata Rays, catsharks, seahorse, and many others.

3. Experience the Rock Adventures of Ugong

Except for the beach and bay, you can also face the green place in Palawan. The rock adventures of Ugong can be the best and recommended place to visit. Moreover, if you are a person who likes challenges and adventure, you should try to visit this place.

In the Ugong, you will come inside and outside the cave by crawling. It is a very interesting and anti-mainstream holiday ever. Not only crawl, but you will also climb up and walk on the jungle track. Many travelers visit this place to get valuable and extreme experience. On the other hand, the jungle and cave will provide you a beautiful panorama that you never expect before.

4. Come to Baker’s Hill

There are so many beautiful places in Palawan. After having an adventure and Ugong and diving in El Nido, it is the time to enjoy your moment in the baker’s hill. Bakers hill is a wonderful place with many special menus to eat. You might enjoy a milkshake, coffee, and another drink. In addition, if you are hungry, you might have your lunch here. The baker’s hill commonly provides a seafood menu for lunch such as fish, crab, rock lobster, shrimp, and many others.

In addition, you might enjoy everything in Palawan. You might not worry about what to do in Palawan. You can visit the place that has been explained above as your destination places. Enjoy your holiday.