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Best Diet Plan for PCOS Weight Loss

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects the hormonal levels of a woman. Women who have PCOS are usually considered obesity or overweight. To lose weight, PCOS needs special diets. Thus, this article will provide the best diet plan for PCOS.

Best Foods for PCOS

The first step of the best diet plan for PCOS is to know which foods you need. Knowing it may higher the success rate for your diet. Here is the food list which you should remember!

1. Whole-Foods

The definition of Wholefoods is unprocessed and refined food. It is a high-fiber food. Fiber will make you stay full for a long time. This food needs a longer time to be digesting. Whole foods can help in reducing insulin resistance. It will also lower your fat rate and body weight. The examples of whole foods are fish, vegetables, fruits, meats, and cereals.

2. Low Glycemic Load Foods

Low Glycemic Load Foods are foods that will not rapidly increase insulin. It usually unprocessed and unrefined food. This is also having a high-fiber. It tends to be rich in minerals as well as minerals. The examples of this food are peanuts, cereals, high-fiber fruits and vegetables.

Added sugars can increase the food’s glycemic load. For PCOS, you must remember is control your insulin. So, pay attention to what you eat.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation over infection or injury is certainly natural. But, PCOS tends to have lower chronic inflammation. It is associated with obesity and overweight. Therefore Anti-inflammatory foods such as kale and spinach are recommended for PCOS. Coconut and blueberries are also anti-inflammatory foods.

4. Healthy Fats Foods

People often forget that not all fats are bad for the body. They are eager to lose all of their body fat. Yet, healthy fats are important for our body. Healthy fats used to make hormones and our nerve sheath. It will help you to feel full after eating. Also, it can lower the glycemic load of foods. Healthy fats can make you eat fewer calories. You can find healthy fats in avocados and dark chocolate.

5. Fermented Foods

To improve your metabolism you also need healthy gut bacteria. It may help in maintaining your weight. Unfortunately, compared to other women, PCOS has a lower rate of healthy gut bacteria. In other words, eating probiotics are recommended to increase gut bacteria. The examples of probiotic foods are kefir and yogurt.

PCOS Meal Plan

Using the lists above, now you can create your diet meals. Remember, you may modify the idea of this meal using the best foods for PCOS. Here are some meal ideas for PCOS diet.

For breakfast, you may have avocado or spinach juice. Or, you may have eggs and bacon. Granola can also be another option for your breakfast.

As for lunchtime, you can choose between vegetable or fruit salads. Besides that, you can have soups. And if you are too lazy, you can just eat the leftovers from breakfast.

On the other hand, you can choose between these three menus of dinner. The first one is chicken thighs, potato wedges, and vegetables. Second, you may have potato mas with sausage, and salad. Last but not least, you can choose to have salmon, salad, and steam potatoes.

In conclusion, the first step to the best diet plan for PCOS, you must know the best foods for you. Above all, these best foods can create a healthy meal plan. Not only healthy, but it may also help you decrease your weight. In short, follow the steps, and you will lose your weight in no time.