Story with most film adaptations

Story With Most Film Adaptations That You May Never Realize

From the old days, there are available some of the story with most film adaptations in the film industry. These films get a lot of appreciation from some critics and being famous in a short time. Besides, those films also get some awards which increasingly its names. Maybe, not all people will know about it because we just focus on enjoying the film. In other words, we do not care about the story behind it.

Story with most film adaptations

Some stories are perfect when it adapted into film as long as it completely fulfills the reader’s expectation. Some of them come from the old century but still famous until this day. This article may be will make you remember your childhood memories. Because our childhood films are usually adapted from an older story. Here is some of the story with most film adaptations for you.

1. Frankenstein

Marry Shelley, an old novel writer made the mos character in The Modern Prometheus, Frankenstein. Who doesn’t know about this character? The weird ghost that his part of the body can detachable and assembled easily. This character still appears in the new film like Hotel Transylvania series and many more. Frankenstein is a dead body that backs to life after a doctor gives electricity to that body.

At the start, this character has a scary look at 8 feet tall and some stitches on his neck. Then, the filmmaker tries to improve it to a smaller character with a funny personality. This is because some films are addressed to the child so the director improves it to be accepted. This is the character that still bothered us until we grow as this old.

2. Dracula

This is the next story with most film adaptations in our life. This character appeared in Bram Stoker’s novel and success adapted into more than 200 films. However, Dracula has a different look in every film according to the director. At the start, Dracula is a scary character that usually gets its food from human blood.

However, this character also adapted from the bat called Diphyllia ecaudate. This character also appeared in Hotel Transylvania like Frankenstein. But, the director changes its personality into a little funny. On the other hand, you can see how scary Dracula is in Van Helsing film.

3. Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the great person behind the famous detective character, Sherlock Holmes. He succeeds in gaining a lot of appreciation from different sources. On the other hand, this character still holding the most portrayed character in Guinness Books of World Record. More than 70 actors ever play his role and some of them is a famous actor like Robert Downey Jr. and many more.

However, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle create 4 novels with 56 different short stories. It will be perfect for you if you love seeing a detective genre. The saddest part of this character is, the writer hates it and tries to kill him in one short story. It will be one story with most film adaptations in forever.

This is the end of the article and these are some of the story with most film adaptations. You should be familiar with these stories because it appears almost every year. Above all, we should give thanks to the creator because its character success bothered us until this day.