Some Old But Gold TV Series You Should Consider To Watch

Television becomes one of the media that is always in the development of our lives. From childhood until the age of 20 now, the role of television has never escaped every day. Here are some old but gold tv series you should consider to watch.

1. TV Series of Friends

Even though it’s been 12 years since the series airing, there are still many people who agree that Friends is the best comedy series of all time. Getting a rating of 9.0, Friends has made the audience days more colorful for 10 years.

Although some people try to compare it with How I Met Your Mother, Friends is still a big phenomenon in the 90s that is hard to beat. Just imagine, their last episode more than 52 million people in America watch it.

2. TV Series of Digimon

The anime which tells about 7 children lost in the world of Digimon has indeed become one of the favorite shows in the 90s and 2000s. The seven children were drawn into the digital world during a snowstorm at their school’s summer camp event.

In the digital world, each of them is accompanied by a Digimon or digital animal and is equipped with a Digivice, a device that is capable of making a Digimon change. Their withdrawal to the digital world is to help Digimon in protecting the world from attacks by The Master.

The fight that took place between Digimon and his enemies was very exciting, making us feel at home watching even willing to resist urinating. Not to mention their evolutionary actions into cooler forms. It’s no wonder almost all 90s generation kids have this collection of DVDs and Digimon action figures.

3. TV Series of Amigos Por Siempre

The life drama of Ana, Pedro and Vidal’s family is indeed hard to miss. Every day we are make to an exciting story about the Vidal family and children at Vidal School complete with cute teenage love stories.

The Telenovela is also more exciting because it is often interspersed with good songs sung by Ana, Pedro, and her friends. The story is quite long, the episodes are also hundreds like soap operas in other countries.

But somehow we feel at home watching it every day. Probably because of the role of Pedro and Santiago who are handsome.

4. TV Series of How I Met Your Mother

The light romantic drama series that is close to the lives of its viewers may be the most popular among others. for example, titled How I Met Your Mother or commonly abbreviated as HIMYM.

This series tells about how Ted Mosby met his wife and the story of his friendship with his friends. This film appeared in 2005.

5. TV Series of Shameless

Shameless was adjust from a British television drama of the same name. Taking location on the south side of Chicago stiffly widened throughout the city of Chicago to Los Angeles. The Shamleess series portrays Galagher’s poor family.

Frank Galagher, The single father is raising 6 children. Every day, the father is just drink or looking for mistakes, while the child must learn to look after yourself. Overall, the film series depicts how alcohol affects the family. These series have Directed by Paul Abbott.

That is some old but gold tv series you should consider to watch. The series is actually an old series but you must be watch it. Besides, because there is a message in the tv series, there is something special for people who have watched it, the longing to watch it again.