richest countries in the world

5 Richest Countries In The World By GDP

richest countries in the world

The richest countries in the world come from the big amount of Gross Domestic Product per capita. So, it does not mean that a country that has a large area and population is a rich country. Usually, rich countries have a high quality of natural and human resources.

Many of you think that rich countries come from gas and oil. But, the facts are more than that. Rich countries also come from good investment and banking. There are also countries that prioritize exports as their main income. Let’s check about the richest countries in the world below:

1. Qatar

One of the richest countries in the world turns out to be from the Middle East. Qatar can be as rich as it is now because this country has the largest natural gas field. Therefore, this country is so famous as the largest of natural gas exporter in the world.

Under good government management, the cost of education, health, water, and electricity is free in Qatar. In addition, Qatar is also provides housing assistance subsidies. This country uses its income as investment capital in various countries.

2. Luxemburg

Although Luxemburg is a small country, this country is able to become the second richest country in the world. This country was originally an agrarian country. But the industrial period changed the country significantly.

This country also provides financial assistance. Moreover, this country is also famous because the bank is very strict in maintaining its profit data. In addition, this country has the largest salary in Europe.

3. Singapore

This country can become a rich country because of its international trade. In addition, Singapore is also famous as one of the world’s financial centers. This is because the business licensing process will take three hours. So, business people are certainly happy with this efficient system.

Low-level jobs in this country will be paid around 1.000 Singapore dollars per month. So, it is no surprise that last year Singapore topped the list of the best countries to live in. Moreover, this country is also one of the best countries to work abroad.

4. Brunei Darussalam

This country has oil and gas fields. Both are the main factors why this country’s income is very big. In addition, the government also supports the progress of the economic sector. The government makes regulations and policies to support a conducive field of entrepreneurship.

Moreover, this country only has a small population. Brunei balances its industrial technology and wealth to become the second most developed county in Southeast Asia after Australia.

5. Ireland

This country is the fifth richest country in the world. In fact, this country was not a rich country. The key to making this country become so successful is because of banking and industry.

When it used to export food, this country now exports computers, medical equipment, electrical machinery, and others. The country has budgeted a lot of education funds from state income. Therefore, no wonder that education in this country is free.

So, one of the five richest countries in the world, is there something that interests you? Or are you interested to have a career there? Try to find out so much information about the country if you are interested in living or working there.