Natural Disasters In 2019 That Happened Around The World

A natural disaster is an incident that no one can predict. Humans can’t control natural disasters, they can only prepare for it. Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere and cause many damages. There are several natural disasters in 2019 that happened and caused grieves. 

Although natural disasters can’t be controlled, experts can analyze the cause. By analyzing, people can at least learn the signs and ways to prevent it. In the past few years, there have been many big disasters happening. In the past few years, there have been many big disasters happening. Many of them caused broken infrastructures, flood, and loss of power. Here are some of the natural disasters in 2019 that caused big loss:

1. Hurricane Dorian

One of the biggest natural disasters in 2019 is Hurricane Dorian that happened in mostly the Northern Bahamas. The incident also struck Florida, US East Coast, and Canada. Experts analyzed that the cause of this disaster was because low-pressure of the system. This then became a level 5 storm.

The wind and heavy rainfall caused damages and floods everywhere. Many homes were damaged and torn off, destroying almost everything in the place. The most damaged place was in the Northern Bahamas were almost all the infrastructures were damaged. In this incident, 56 people died, and until now 600 people are missing. 

2.  Flood in Oklahoma

The rain usually happens in Oklahoma every year. However, this year the heavy rain fell in Oklahoma for over a week. The situation became worse. At the same time tornadoes attacking Oklahoma and the areas around. Homes, roads and highways were all drowned by water and mud. After the incident, many homes and people have reported the loss and unknown. At least 6 people died in the incident causing loss to many people. The citizens also had to evacuate to a safer place, until the flood faded away.  

3. Alabama Tornado

Some countries and states in the United States are “common” with the tornado. However, the Alabama tornado was one of the biggest happening this year. The tornado struck Alabama in March 2019 causing 23 death and many injured. Many schools and homes were damaged, having weeks to recover. 

4. Earthquake in Mexico and Ecuador

In 2019, many earthquakes occurred, two of them happened in Mexico and Ecuador. In Mexico, the earthquake attacked Southern Mexico in February 2019. The position of the incident was the same as the 2017 earthquake where the damage was much bigger. However, this year the strength was “only” 6.6 .

It didn’t cause any serious damages and loss to the citizens. There was no report either on death or loss of people. The same incident happened in eastern Ecuador. The shake of the earthquake was felt very clear in Peru and Colombia. But luckily no serious damage or injury occurred in Ecuador.

There have been many natural disasters in 2019, big and small ones. Despite the cause, people must be able to learn the signs and prepare. Like in some states of the US, people have underground homes to prepare when there is a tornado. Some countries even apply natural disaster studies in their curriculum. Therefore, when a disaster happens, people are ready to face it. Not all disasters can be prevented, but at least we know how to face it.