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places with zero cases of covid

Places with Zero Cases of COVID That Reported Has No Coronavirus

Since December 2019, the world was amazed by the issue of COVID-19. It became a global pandemic a few weeks later. Many countries were infected by this virus. So, no wonder if the death rate keeps rising day by day. But, surprisingly, there are several countries which have no report about this matter. If you are curious about it, then find out places with zero cases of COVID in this article.

For those who haven’t known well about this pandemic, we want to let you know how dangerous it is. Someone will get a respiratory illness from droplets that you never know where it comes and how it moves. Even though some research has released the symptoms and the way to live safely, this pandemic is still a mystery to solve. However, these places with zero cases of COVID seem lucky to avoid this matter:

1. North Korea

You might not believe that this famous country has no victim of COVID. It is on your hand whether you want to believe or not, but the country claims they have no COVID cases. Knowing that this country is very close, some people start to make assumptions. Whether it is true that they are safe from coronavirus, or the cases are hidden properly.

2. Turkmenistan

Just like North Korea, the government of Turkmenistan insists that they have no cases of COVID. Sadly, some people predict that this happens not because of a great health service. Contrarily, it is due to a lack of facility and infrastructure. So, the government doesn’t act very well to face this pandemic, such as not running testing for the people.

3. Lesotho

This place could be considered a great one because this country has good experience in facing a pandemic like this. This country learns a lot from its neighbor, South Africa, which runs a strict lockdown. So, there is no wonder if the spread of coronavirus is not as massive as the other countries.

4. Kiribati

Probably many countries underestimate the Kiribati Republic. But, guess what, this country is one of the places with zero cases of COVID. Their secret is very amazing. Since their land is great for coconut trees, they use it to boost the immune. Because they get enough vitamins A and C which prevent any viruses, including coronavirus.

5. Yemen

There are no COVID cases from Yemen until now (May 2020). However, just like Turkmenistan, people are in doubt that Yemen really has no report. Because both of them are having the same condition.

Actually, there are still many places with zero cases of COVID. They are small countries which have a low rate of visitors. Thus, it becomes one of the factors that makes them safe. Indeed, incoming people can spread the virus. Even though in the first place the transmission of the virus is from animals, but a human is its carrier. So, whenever the carrier goes, then the virus will follow. That is why some countries keep locking down their area until now. That decision is to get a better future.

5 Horrible Incidents At Live Reports That You Need To Know

An incident can happen anytime and anywhere. It can come when ready or not. And not infrequently there are some incidents that are accidentally recorded in a live report or other TV broadcast. The following are some of the horrible incidents at live reports.

1. News Anchor Helicopter Collision

This event occurred in 2007 in which there was an accident between two helicopters in Phoenix, Arizona. The helicopter is covering the criminal chase by police. But the helicopter named KTVK and KNXV-TV collided while covering the incident and killed all the crew inside. The victims of the incident totaled 4 namely 2 pilots and 2 cameramen.

The incident was investigated by the NTSB and concluded that this incident was caused by the failure of the two pilots to see and avoid the other helicopters. Therefore this incident was one of the horrible incidents at live reports.

2. Murder at the Japanese Political Conference

This incident occurred on Wednesday, October 12, 1960 during a debate between politicians ahead of parliamentary elections. The Chairman of the Japanese Socialist Party, Inejiro Asanuma was delivering his speech on stage. But a young man in a school uniform named Otoya Yamaguci ran towards Asanuma while carrying the samurai he stole from his father.

Then Otoya Yamaguci directed the samurai towards Asanuma’s stomach. The victim died an hour later and the perpetrator chose suicide after being arrested. Yamaguci who was arrested after killing Asanuma finally decided to end his life like the samurai did. This caused the murder at a political conference in Japan to be one of the horrible incidents at live reports.

2. Earthquake During Live Sports Broadcast

The championship series for the Major League Baseball (MLB) season that was implemented in 1989 was named The ABC World Series. This match was held from October 14 to October 29, 1989. However, in this series there was a pretty terrible incident, an earthquake which occurred on October 17. The incident occurred just minutes before game 3 began.

The earthquake that struck the Bay Area had a magnitude of 6.9 and caused significant damage. Finally the game was postponed for the safety of everyone in the ballpark. But the series finally continued on October 27 and ended the day after.

4. Tank Theft

Tank theft has been one of the most horrible incidents at live reports. This incident occurred on May 17, 1989 in San Diego, California. The culprit was named Shawn Timothy Nelson who is an American plumber and US Army veteran.

Previously Nelson told his friend that he wanted to commit suicide. Eventually Nelson stole a tank from the California Army’s armory. In addition, Nelson damaged all public facilities in the Clairemont neighborhood, San Diego. Finally Nelson was paralyzed by being shot in the neck.

5. The Explosion Of The Challenger Rocket

On January 8, 1968, President Reagan who led the United States would launch a rocket named Challenger and an astronaut. The rocket is considered to have sophisticated technology. With pride, President Reagan allowed the rocket launch event to be documented by television.

However, the rocket that was originally running smoothly suddenly exploded into pieces and killed all the astronauts in it. This makes the Challenger exploding incident one of the horrible incidents at live reports.

That was about the 5 horrible incidents at live report. This really proves that an incident will not wait for someone’s readiness, but will come anywhere and anytime.

Natural Disasters In 2019 That Happened Around The World

A natural disaster is an incident that no one can predict. Humans can’t control natural disasters, they can only prepare for it. Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere and cause many damages. There are several natural disasters in 2019 that happened and caused grieves. 

Although natural disasters can’t be controlled, experts can analyze the cause. By analyzing, people can at least learn the signs and ways to prevent it. In the past few years, there have been many big disasters happening. In the past few years, there have been many big disasters happening. Many of them caused broken infrastructures, flood, and loss of power. Here are some of the natural disasters in 2019 that caused big loss:

1. Hurricane Dorian

One of the biggest natural disasters in 2019 is Hurricane Dorian that happened in mostly the Northern Bahamas. The incident also struck Florida, US East Coast, and Canada. Experts analyzed that the cause of this disaster was because low-pressure of the system. This then became a level 5 storm.

The wind and heavy rainfall caused damages and floods everywhere. Many homes were damaged and torn off, destroying almost everything in the place. The most damaged place was in the Northern Bahamas were almost all the infrastructures were damaged. In this incident, 56 people died, and until now 600 people are missing. 

2.  Flood in Oklahoma

The rain usually happens in Oklahoma every year. However, this year the heavy rain fell in Oklahoma for over a week. The situation became worse. At the same time tornadoes attacking Oklahoma and the areas around. Homes, roads and highways were all drowned by water and mud. After the incident, many homes and people have reported the loss and unknown. At least 6 people died in the incident causing loss to many people. The citizens also had to evacuate to a safer place, until the flood faded away.  

3. Alabama Tornado

Some countries and states in the United States are “common” with the tornado. However, the Alabama tornado was one of the biggest happening this year. The tornado struck Alabama in March 2019 causing 23 death and many injured. Many schools and homes were damaged, having weeks to recover. 

4. Earthquake in Mexico and Ecuador

In 2019, many earthquakes occurred, two of them happened in Mexico and Ecuador. In Mexico, the earthquake attacked Southern Mexico in February 2019. The position of the incident was the same as the 2017 earthquake where the damage was much bigger. However, this year the strength was “only” 6.6 .

It didn’t cause any serious damages and loss to the citizens. There was no report either on death or loss of people. The same incident happened in eastern Ecuador. The shake of the earthquake was felt very clear in Peru and Colombia. But luckily no serious damage or injury occurred in Ecuador.

There have been many natural disasters in 2019, big and small ones. Despite the cause, people must be able to learn the signs and prepare. Like in some states of the US, people have underground homes to prepare when there is a tornado. Some countries even apply natural disaster studies in their curriculum. Therefore, when a disaster happens, people are ready to face it. Not all disasters can be prevented, but at least we know how to face it.

richest countries in the world

5 Richest Countries In The World By GDP

richest countries in the world

The richest countries in the world come from the big amount of Gross Domestic Product per capita. So, it does not mean that a country that has a large area and population is a rich country. Usually, rich countries have a high quality of natural and human resources.

Many of you think that rich countries come from gas and oil. But, the facts are more than that. Rich countries also come from good investment and banking. There are also countries that prioritize exports as their main income. Let’s check about the richest countries in the world below:

1. Qatar

One of the richest countries in the world turns out to be from the Middle East. Qatar can be as rich as it is now because this country has the largest natural gas field. Therefore, this country is so famous as the largest of natural gas exporter in the world.

Under good government management, the cost of education, health, water, and electricity is free in Qatar. In addition, Qatar is also provides housing assistance subsidies. This country uses its income as investment capital in various countries.

2. Luxemburg

Although Luxemburg is a small country, this country is able to become the second richest country in the world. This country was originally an agrarian country. But the industrial period changed the country significantly.

This country also provides financial assistance. Moreover, this country is also famous because the bank is very strict in maintaining its profit data. In addition, this country has the largest salary in Europe.

3. Singapore

This country can become a rich country because of its international trade. In addition, Singapore is also famous as one of the world’s financial centers. This is because the business licensing process will take three hours. So, business people are certainly happy with this efficient system.

Low-level jobs in this country will be paid around 1.000 Singapore dollars per month. So, it is no surprise that last year Singapore topped the list of the best countries to live in. Moreover, this country is also one of the best countries to work abroad.

4. Brunei Darussalam

This country has oil and gas fields. Both are the main factors why this country’s income is very big. In addition, the government also supports the progress of the economic sector. The government makes regulations and policies to support a conducive field of entrepreneurship.

Moreover, this country only has a small population. Brunei balances its industrial technology and wealth to become the second most developed county in Southeast Asia after Australia.

5. Ireland

This country is the fifth richest country in the world. In fact, this country was not a rich country. The key to making this country become so successful is because of banking and industry.

When it used to export food, this country now exports computers, medical equipment, electrical machinery, and others. The country has budgeted a lot of education funds from state income. Therefore, no wonder that education in this country is free.

So, one of the five richest countries in the world, is there something that interests you? Or are you interested to have a career there? Try to find out so much information about the country if you are interested in living or working there.