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Story with most film adaptations

Story With Most Film Adaptations That You May Never Realize

From the old days, there are available some of the story with most film adaptations in the film industry. These films get a lot of appreciation from some critics and being famous in a short time. Besides, those films also get some awards which increasingly its names. Maybe, not all people will know about it because we just focus on enjoying the film. In other words, we do not care about the story behind it.

Story with most film adaptations

Some stories are perfect when it adapted into film as long as it completely fulfills the reader’s expectation. Some of them come from the old century but still famous until this day. This article may be will make you remember your childhood memories. Because our childhood films are usually adapted from an older story. Here is some of the story with most film adaptations for you.

1. Frankenstein

Marry Shelley, an old novel writer made the mos character in The Modern Prometheus, Frankenstein. Who doesn’t know about this character? The weird ghost that his part of the body can detachable and assembled easily. This character still appears in the new film like Hotel Transylvania series and many more. Frankenstein is a dead body that backs to life after a doctor gives electricity to that body.

At the start, this character has a scary look at 8 feet tall and some stitches on his neck. Then, the filmmaker tries to improve it to a smaller character with a funny personality. This is because some films are addressed to the child so the director improves it to be accepted. This is the character that still bothered us until we grow as this old.

2. Dracula

This is the next story with most film adaptations in our life. This character appeared in Bram Stoker’s novel and success adapted into more than 200 films. However, Dracula has a different look in every film according to the director. At the start, Dracula is a scary character that usually gets its food from human blood.

However, this character also adapted from the bat called Diphyllia ecaudate. This character also appeared in Hotel Transylvania like Frankenstein. But, the director changes its personality into a little funny. On the other hand, you can see how scary Dracula is in Van Helsing film.

3. Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the great person behind the famous detective character, Sherlock Holmes. He succeeds in gaining a lot of appreciation from different sources. On the other hand, this character still holding the most portrayed character in Guinness Books of World Record. More than 70 actors ever play his role and some of them is a famous actor like Robert Downey Jr. and many more.

However, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle create 4 novels with 56 different short stories. It will be perfect for you if you love seeing a detective genre. The saddest part of this character is, the writer hates it and tries to kill him in one short story. It will be one story with most film adaptations in forever.

This is the end of the article and these are some of the story with most film adaptations. You should be familiar with these stories because it appears almost every year. Above all, we should give thanks to the creator because its character success bothered us until this day.

Hollywood Stars with Sexy Smiles That Won’t Make Your Eyes Move

Sometimes people watch a movie is not only for enjoying the story. Many of them just want to see their favourite actor or actress. It could be because of anything, one of the reasons is the smile. We know that Hollywood has tons of stars with a beautiful smile. If you are curious who the Hollywood stars with sexy smiles, then find the names in this article.

These actors and actresses really take care of their teeth too. So, when they are smiling, the teeth appear perfectly. Whether they use help from a dentist or not, you just can’t handle the look. See these Hollywood stars with sexy smiles on their movies. We are pretty sure you won’t move your focus!

1. Julia Roberts

Every media agrees that Julia Roberts has a stunning star smile ever. The lips and glistening teeth are the perfect combinations of her face. One magazine, InStyle magazine, ever asked about her secret to having that sexy smile. Then, she shared her secret that she always brushes her teeth with baking soda. Indeed, when you see her smile it is like glowing porcelain.

2. Tom Cruise

There is Tom Cruise who shows a sexy smile as a man. Tom Cruise doesn’t deny that he has special treatment from a dentist. In 2002, he had braces put on and surprisingly he wasn’t shy to show on the red carpet. However, we all now enjoy the result from it. His smile shines brightly whenever you see he is acting.

3. Anne Hathaway

You cannot move your eyes whenever you see Anne is smiling. Her radiant smile is like Julia Roberts: lighting, big, and sincere. This actress of Les Miserables always lights the red carpet with her smile. She already takes care of her teeth for a long time. Even though she gets a role that has to hide her smile, you still can find it brights behind the character.

4. Zac Efron

Do you miss a sexy smile as a teen look? Then you must see Zac’s movies. Enjoy his brightening smile there. Since he played the High School Musical movie series, the public knows that he has an adorable smile. Now he is growing up with the muscles and new hair cut. Yes, there is no hesitation that many girls adore him more than from his smile.

5. Miley Cyrus

No matter how the media told about her, you cannot lie that Miley has a sexy smile. Her teeth are perfect model and look very great when she smiles. She might have several treatments since she was Hannah Montana, but it is just fine seeing how she brights on the red carpet now.

6. George Clooney

No need to look for another guy when you see Clooney is smiling. He is a picture of a gentleman when smiling. His smile gives the faithful feeling. So, whoever seeing his smile will get warm and cozy inside.

Actually Hollywood still has hundreds of stars with a beautiful smile. But seeing the list above about Hollywood stars with sexy smiles, they are enough as the sample of the famous people. Be confidence and bright are all we see whenever that smile appears.

Some Old But Gold TV Series You Should Consider To Watch

Television becomes one of the media that is always in the development of our lives. From childhood until the age of 20 now, the role of television has never escaped every day. Here are some old but gold tv series you should consider to watch.

1. TV Series of Friends

Even though it’s been 12 years since the series airing, there are still many people who agree that Friends is the best comedy series of all time. Getting a rating of 9.0, Friends has made the audience days more colorful for 10 years.

Although some people try to compare it with How I Met Your Mother, Friends is still a big phenomenon in the 90s that is hard to beat. Just imagine, their last episode more than 52 million people in America watch it.

2. TV Series of Digimon

The anime which tells about 7 children lost in the world of Digimon has indeed become one of the favorite shows in the 90s and 2000s. The seven children were drawn into the digital world during a snowstorm at their school’s summer camp event.

In the digital world, each of them is accompanied by a Digimon or digital animal and is equipped with a Digivice, a device that is capable of making a Digimon change. Their withdrawal to the digital world is to help Digimon in protecting the world from attacks by The Master.

The fight that took place between Digimon and his enemies was very exciting, making us feel at home watching even willing to resist urinating. Not to mention their evolutionary actions into cooler forms. It’s no wonder almost all 90s generation kids have this collection of DVDs and Digimon action figures.

3. TV Series of Amigos Por Siempre

The life drama of Ana, Pedro and Vidal’s family is indeed hard to miss. Every day we are make to an exciting story about the Vidal family and children at Vidal School complete with cute teenage love stories.

The Telenovela is also more exciting because it is often interspersed with good songs sung by Ana, Pedro, and her friends. The story is quite long, the episodes are also hundreds like soap operas in other countries.

But somehow we feel at home watching it every day. Probably because of the role of Pedro and Santiago who are handsome.

4. TV Series of How I Met Your Mother

The light romantic drama series that is close to the lives of its viewers may be the most popular among others. for example, titled How I Met Your Mother or commonly abbreviated as HIMYM.

This series tells about how Ted Mosby met his wife and the story of his friendship with his friends. This film appeared in 2005.

5. TV Series of Shameless

Shameless was adjust from a British television drama of the same name. Taking location on the south side of Chicago stiffly widened throughout the city of Chicago to Los Angeles. The Shamleess series portrays Galagher’s poor family.

Frank Galagher, The single father is raising 6 children. Every day, the father is just drink or looking for mistakes, while the child must learn to look after yourself. Overall, the film series depicts how alcohol affects the family. These series have Directed by Paul Abbott.

That is some old but gold tv series you should consider to watch. The series is actually an old series but you must be watch it. Besides, because there is a message in the tv series, there is something special for people who have watched it, the longing to watch it again.

Check 5 of Shocking Celeb News in The Past Year

The celebrity is synonymous with a luxurious life. But there is shocking news behind the luxury and fame of celebrities. The news can be in the form of news about life, romance, and work environment. Here is some news about shocking celeb news in the past year.

1 Jamie Foxx Reportedly Dating With Kate Beckinsale

The news of the breakup of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes was shocking news. Establish love for 6 years, they actually separated after just going public with their status.

Shortly after breaking up with Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx is now have rumored to have moved on. As per the rumors circulating, the talented actor from the United States is secretly in a special relationship with a beautiful actress Kate Beckinsale.

Just broke up from their partners, don’t be surprised if Kate and Jamie were supposedly dating. But apparently, this news was immediately denied by Kate through the latest posts in her Instagram account.

This is not the first time Jamie has a new boyfriend. Previously, the ROBIN HOOD star also had rumored to be close to a newcomer singer named Sela Vave.

Sela even reportedly became the third person in the destruction of the relationship between Jamie and Katie. But apparently, the news was immediately denied by Jamie.

2 Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Intimate Vacation

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are some of the Hollywood celebrity couples who are serious in a relationship. As per rumors, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will soon be holding their wedding in December. For her birthday party this time, Katy decided to enjoy an exotic vacation in Egypt.

Enjoying exciting holiday moments, Katy Perry finally uploaded a photo of her intimate relationship with her fiance. As a couple who rarely spit romance on social media, of course, this post managed to steal the attention of netizens.

3 Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Hugs, The Official Sign of Reconciliation

Taylor Swift recently released a new video clip titled You Need To Calm Down. there is one figure of the artist who most stole the attention in the direction of Drew Kirsch’s video. Believe it or not, mortal enemy Tay, Katy Perry also joined there.

It’s no secret that Katy and Tay have been at odds with each other for years. During that time, the two of them often threw sarcasm at each other, whether through their respective works or tweeting on Twitter.

In the video, You Need To Calm Down, Katy appears around the end of the video. He was reunited with Tay who was wrapped in a french fries costume. Both seemed to be ostracized by the people around. Feeling similar, they finally felt they were compatible and hugged each other.

4 Avicii is has news that Have Committed Suicide

Avicii’s departure on April 20, 2018, and then indeed surprised all parties. Not only family and fans, but a series of fellow musicians also showed their great condolences over the death of the Swedish DJ.

A newspaper says that Avicii died of suicide after the cause of death was not clearly statement. This is reinforced by the statement of his family as if giving a signal that the DJ struggled in his life and could not hold it any longer.

According to other sources, Avicii is said to have cut his wrist using broken bottles. Until finally found dead due to loss of blood. The news of his death was first confirmed by his management team. This news is one of the shocking celeb news in the past year.

This is shocking news in the past year for celebrities which had shocked his fans. Not infrequently the fans who regretted the news. But back again, they were just admirers who couldn’t do much with their idols.

bonds girl from time to time

Most Iconic Bond’s Girl From Time To Time

bonds girl from time to time

Bond franchise movies have been entertaining for more than 50 years. Beautiful women always surrounding James Bond as the main character. Therefore, up to 55 different actresses as the Bond’s girl from time to time. As a result, it feels weird when we see Bond movies without beautiful actresses.

They just pick a lovely and such a beautiful woman to be Bond’s girl. Almost all of Bond’s girl character is pretty. Just read it if you want to know the most beautiful and iconic Bond’s Girl from time to time.

1. Andrea Anders

Maud Adams is the actress behind Andrea Anders’s character. Maud Adams is a Swedish actress, playing the Andrea Anders role with a perfect action. The director chooses her because she is a smart girl that has a mystique aura with her charm. Above all, Her beauty is can not be denied by everyone who has seen her.

2. Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore character is a real character from James Bond’s novel. In the right hand, Honor Blackman is the actress of Pussi Galore Character. The Pussy Galore character appears in Goldfinger which released in 1964. Above all, the character will remind us of the old memories.

3. Vida

Vida is played by a beautiful actress, Aliza Gur. In the same vein, Aliza Gur is an Israel actress. She plays Vida in the James Bond film: from Russia with Love. Above all, her sexy body has stolen James Bond lover’s heart.

4. Tracy Bond

Tracy Bond is a Bond’s girl character in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. First of all, Dianna Rigg has played her role perfectly as Tracy Bond. She has a brown color eye with brunette-long hair. In contrast, she is the only a Bond’s girl that has been settled down and married with 007 as the main character. Even more, Tracy Bond has a brave personality that makes her the right one to choose.

5. Bonita

One of the most beauty Bond’s Girl from time to time is Bonita. Radja Regin is the Serbian actress that has been chosen to play this character. Bonita is a Bond’s girl character that appears in Goldfinger. Not only beautiful and sexy but Nadja Regin also have a great talent in playing a role.

6. Jill Masterson

Jill Masterson is the most fashionable character in her time. Shirley Eaton was playing as Jill Masterson in Goldfinger. Besides, Shirley Eaton is such a beautiful girl with great talent. She can build a strong character on Jill Masterson. Above all, her beauty makes her one of the iconic and beautiful Bond’s Girls from time to time.

7. Vesper Lynd

Eva Green is the actress behind this character. She succeeds make Vesper Lynd as a sensational character with a good reputation. Also, she had a beautiful face with black hair and sharp eyes. In contrast, this character is having the most tragic death in the series. She decided to commits suicide after apologizing to James because she is a traitor.

There is the top 7 most iconic and beautiful Bond’s Girl from time to time. In short, Bond always has a beautiful and smart girl behind it back. So, which one is your favorite a Bond’s girl character?