5 Tips About How To Remove Stretch Marks That You Should Know

For all woman beauty is everything. Women will conduct and do everything in order to get the beautifulness. Then, for a woman who has such a problem on their skin, of course, they want to remove and fix those problems. One of the skin problems that become complicated for all women is stretch marks. Stretch mark is a skin problem which makes our skin become rough and ugly. Those are the reason why all women hate to have a stretch mark on their skin. Then, do you know how to remove stretch marks? When you did not know about it, then you need to find a lot of information about it. Because removing the stretch marks is important.

How To Remove Stretch Marks Easily

Stretch mark usually comes after pregnancy. But, not only caused by pregnancy, the stretch marks can be caused by the transformation of body shape such as lose weight. Moreover, the stretch mark is totally disturbing the performance of someone. It is very annoying. Therefore, many people want to remove stretch marks by doing much treatment in traditional or modern treatment. Then, here are the tips about how to remove stretch marks that you can try at home to remove stretch marks.

1. Using Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known as a healing gel, that can be used as a medicine to heal skin problems. In order to remove the stretch marks, you can use aloe vera as a mask on the stretch marks area on the skin. Leave it amount of 20 until 30 minutes. But don’t forget to use it regularly in order to get maximize the result.

2. Cocoa Butter

The next way about how to remove stretch marks is by using cocoa butter. Accept the aloe vera, cocoa butter also able to remove the stretch marks. Different from aloe vera, you should use the cocoa butter as a massage gel, not a mask. Then, massage the stretch mark of the skin regularly by using the cocoa butter as a gel. It will reduce the stretch marks and remove it.

3. Mixing Cucumber And Lemon Juice

Vitamin C is known as a healing substance. Then, the vitamin C in the lemon juice also gives the same benefit. Lemon juice is able to heal the skin problem, soothing, and make the skin fresh. Thus, you can mix the lemon juice with cucumber to make a good combination of the mask. Then, apply it as a mask on the stretch mark area and leave it amounts of ten minutes.

4. Mixing Coconut Oil And Almond

For other traditional home remedies for stretch marks, you can also use coconut oil and almond. Use them as a massage gel on your stretch marks. Then, try it regularly at home. You don’t need to be worry because it doesn’t have any side effects on your skin.

5. Mixing Apricot And Oil Mask

In order to remove the stretch marks, you need to exfoliate your skin. Then, you can use mixing apricot and oil as the exfoliator. Use it as a mask, then leave it amounts of 15 minutes. After that, massage your skin slowly and wash it using warm water.

To sum up, you may get nothing if you do not conduct the treatment regularly. The key to the tips about how to remove stretch marks is about the patient. Thus, you need to do those home remedies regularly and be patient until you get the result.