things to do in newport beach

5 Things To Do In Newport Beach To Put In Your Vacation List

Californians are lucky to have a Surf Town, Newport Beach. Its sandy and warm beaches are something you must not miss. Besides, the community in this Orange Country beach is a great thing. You will have an unforgettable vacation in Newport Beach. Let’s explore things to do in Newport Beach as below:

1. Visit Balboa Island

The first from the list of things to do in Newport Beach is visit Balboa Island is the most fascinating of all Newport Beach’s island. Once you drop your feet there, surely you don’t want to leave. A row of coastal houses is a ravishing sight. In addition, landing in Balboa Island is a passage to a beautiful sunset by the pier.

Something should not be missed in Balboa Island is a beer tour. Locals will gladly mingle with you in a dive bar. Brave yourself to enjoy a beer from a microbrewery and complete your day. Meanwhile, shops, boutiques, and restaurants await you. Also, the Ferris wheel is worth to try.

2. Surf at the Wedge

The Wedge is known for a surfing spot as well as boogie boarding. At The Wedge, the steep and the barrel waves are man-made. Although it is unique, it has its sensation and surely an adrenalin boost. One day, the wave might reach up to 30 feet which kind of big for amateur surfer.

But, if you are a professional surfer then The Wedge’s tremendous wave is all you need. Take note that this place is not for you to lie flat end sunbathing. Since parking is limited in this area, you can make your way to the beach by walking pass a mesmerizing beach house.

3. Refresh at Crystal Cove State Park

This is the perfect place to do anything relaxing. Your true vacation is settled in Cristal Cove State Park. Additionally, the view is one of a kind. Moreover, the sandy beach and the dazzling wave sealed with marvelous sunset are anything to behold.

Ultimately, magical feeling happens when you walk along the beach. Birds, warm wind and the smell of the sea blending with your feet set on the sand. You will see bluffs full of bright yellow flowers during springtime. And the staircase is the perfect passage down to the sand.

4. Come to Orange County Museum of Art

Located close to Fashion Island, Orange County Museum of Art is a cultural place. The museum’s collection is consisting of 3,500 objects. Most of them are objects of California and Pacific Rim’s art from the 20th century up to now. Meanwhile, OCMA also hosts an exhibition like installation art, traditional painting, sculpture garden, and photography.

5. Stroll at Newport Pier

Located in McFadden Place, in the heart of the Balboa Peninsula, Newport Pier is a long municipal pier. Fishing and walking on the pier are very popular. Here, you can do a Dory Fishing Fleet at the base of the pier. In 1939, a hurricane destroyed the pier, and in 1940 it was rebuilt at the same place.

Once you step into Newport Beach you just don’t want to leave. The scenery beaches and welcoming surrounding is something attractive. Besides the above list, there are still many things to do in Newport Beach. So, why don’t you go there and find out yourself?