5 Horrible Incidents At Live Reports That You Need To Know

An incident can happen anytime and anywhere. It can come when ready or not. And not infrequently there are some incidents that are accidentally recorded in a live report or other TV broadcast. The following are some of the horrible incidents at live reports.

1. News Anchor Helicopter Collision

This event occurred in 2007 in which there was an accident between two helicopters in Phoenix, Arizona. The helicopter is covering the criminal chase by police. But the helicopter named KTVK and KNXV-TV collided while covering the incident and killed all the crew inside. The victims of the incident totaled 4 namely 2 pilots and 2 cameramen.

The incident was investigated by the NTSB and concluded that this incident was caused by the failure of the two pilots to see and avoid the other helicopters. Therefore this incident was one of the horrible incidents at live reports.

2. Murder at the Japanese Political Conference

This incident occurred on Wednesday, October 12, 1960 during a debate between politicians ahead of parliamentary elections. The Chairman of the Japanese Socialist Party, Inejiro Asanuma was delivering his speech on stage. But a young man in a school uniform named Otoya Yamaguci ran towards Asanuma while carrying the samurai he stole from his father.

Then Otoya Yamaguci directed the samurai towards Asanuma’s stomach. The victim died an hour later and the perpetrator chose suicide after being arrested. Yamaguci who was arrested after killing Asanuma finally decided to end his life like the samurai did. This caused the murder at a political conference in Japan to be one of the horrible incidents at live reports.

2. Earthquake During Live Sports Broadcast

The championship series for the Major League Baseball (MLB) season that was implemented in 1989 was named The ABC World Series. This match was held from October 14 to October 29, 1989. However, in this series there was a pretty terrible incident, an earthquake which occurred on October 17. The incident occurred just minutes before game 3 began.

The earthquake that struck the Bay Area had a magnitude of 6.9 and caused significant damage. Finally the game was postponed for the safety of everyone in the ballpark. But the series finally continued on October 27 and ended the day after.

4. Tank Theft

Tank theft has been one of the most horrible incidents at live reports. This incident occurred on May 17, 1989 in San Diego, California. The culprit was named Shawn Timothy Nelson who is an American plumber and US Army veteran.

Previously Nelson told his friend that he wanted to commit suicide. Eventually Nelson stole a tank from the California Army’s armory. In addition, Nelson damaged all public facilities in the Clairemont neighborhood, San Diego. Finally Nelson was paralyzed by being shot in the neck.

5. The Explosion Of The Challenger Rocket

On January 8, 1968, President Reagan who led the United States would launch a rocket named Challenger and an astronaut. The rocket is considered to have sophisticated technology. With pride, President Reagan allowed the rocket launch event to be documented by television.

However, the rocket that was originally running smoothly suddenly exploded into pieces and killed all the astronauts in it. This makes the Challenger exploding incident one of the horrible incidents at live reports.

That was about the 5 horrible incidents at live report. This really proves that an incident will not wait for someone’s readiness, but will come anywhere and anytime.